Sunday, April 15, 2012


Geocaching - the hobby of following GPS coordinates while hiking to track down hidden treasures placed by other geocachers as listed on

This is something I've wanted to explore as a hobby for a few years now. I first heard it mentioned by some family friends that would geocache while travelling in their RV around the country (I felt left out as I had no RV), then again from a friend who would take beautiful photographs while he hiked to these locations (but I had no GPS), and again today when I was reading about some hiking meetups.

It is finally the perfect time to explore this hobby. Chris and I are feeling like all we do is watch tv together as we are very busy and then very tired when we come home. We used to go for walks, do sports together, and play boardgames. We miss this and so I suggested we become geocachers. Chris downloaded the app for his phone (which at $10 is still much cheaper than purchasing an actual GPS).

So the plan is to go out on Friday night to the caches closest to our home to test out the phone app for accuracy before we travel farther away. Luckily we live near the biggest forested park in town so there are several caches within .5 miles of us. The goal for me once we wet our feet: start hiking together more frequently with some of these caches and challenges in mind and blog about our journeys and finds as part of my fitness routine.

Happy geocaching everyone!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Getting Remotivated

I haven't been blogging lately because I haven't felt 'inspired enough' by anything or anyone (particularly myself) the past two weeks. I read, I listen, and I discuss and think "Wow, that's great for you" but I have not connected in a way that gets me moving. I'm feeling pretty defeated right now about my running goal as the charity race is a week away and there is still no way I can run for a full 7 min to complete the whole 1km without walking.

My other gripe lately is that many of my friends are telling me they are excited about my fitness goals and would like to get out there with me to do something fit together, but our schedules and life are getting in the way so I have yet to be fit with others. Yeah for them keeping up their own solo fitness goals! This has just reiterated to me that only I can take charge of my fitness and I should have a back=up workout plan in place when a shared workout plan falls through.

The good news...a long-time friend that has inspired me in the past (although she is just learning this now) has just remotivated me. She came up with the genius plan to not workout together (as we have discussed working out together before and it never happened), but to workout solo and report back to each other each month in a competative spirit. We plan to set some goals that we must achieve and see who does better by the end of the month. As soon as we pick what we are measuring against each other I shall post it. If you're interested in some friendly competition you are welcome to post your successes and challenges as well in response.