Sunday, July 31, 2011

Chocolate is Yummy! I Feel Like Crap.

July 31, 2011.

Eating out a lot this past week got me into a bunch of my old habits. One of which is my love of chocolate. I thought I did pretty well to have only bought two chocolate bars during the week (both days I went to AirZone in Oshawa), but I made them count. I bought a 3 Musketeers bar on both days. Not my go to choice, but I wanted chocolate and sugar and it had the best proportion with sugary nouget wrapped in milk chocolate. They were so good.

That brings me to the weekend where I have to work three 12 hour shifts in an office by myself. I chose to buy a package of 4 chocolate bars (Chunky Kit Kats) to last me the three days and give me a chocolate and sugar fix during the day. Instead I devoured three in the first two hours of my shift. I only saved one because I refused to buy another package for the weekend and I didn't want to be left without a treat for two days. This to me is excessive and ridiculous. I showed no restraint, or very little as usually I would eat an entire bag of mini Reese's Peanut Butter Cups in one work shift (before I started working out).

I paid the price for my decision though. Although I did drop in weight this morning I felt like crap at the gym. I was sluggish and weak and could not complete my program. I quit pretty early into it and chose to do some floor work instead. My weakness could come from only eating a granola bar for breakfast as I slept in, but I think it had more to do with my food choices on Saturday. Looking forward to roast chicken, yogurt, pineapple, cheese, a bagel, and cups of tea today. Back to the workout tomorrow.

Today I dislike the gym, but mostly because I made it harder for myself than it had to be.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Weekly Weigh-in Week 7

July 30, 2011.

After a whole week of eating out lunch and dinner and barely working out (just Sunday, Monday, and a fitness class Tuesday) I completed my weigh-in this morning. I miss being at the gym. I actually started enjoying going to the gym every other day and I definitely felt its absence with my busy schedule this week. I'm looking forward to returning tomorrow and Monday morning before work otherwise three 12 hour shifts of office work sitting in a chair will kill my back. Also, I meet with Jodi again on Tuesday and don't feel like I've done enough with my program to show her.

This week the final results are:

.8 kgs up in weight or 1.7 lbs this week

2.2 kgs down or 4.9 lbs overall

Thursday, July 28, 2011

This is a Rough Week

July 28, 2011.

I've been doing really well at the gym lately. I've been going every other day and have been increasing both my weights and my cardio. I even attended one of Jodi's fitness classes. I've attended the male trainer's classes and survived (a little bored, but a little tired and worked), but Jodi had me out of breath in the first 5 minutes. There was no way I could do my usual chit chat throughout the class with my friend (or this case my husband). It was go, go, go and constant change ups (every 8 counts or 20 reps). She had me doing things I've never done before in a fitness class and refusing to attempt some things that I did not feel I could do at all. I swaet so much I could see my reflection in the puddle that accumulated on my mat. It was gross.

I said this week has been rough though. Not because of the fitness - that has been easy. I'm poainting mny kitchen so it is in an upheaval. I'm also off for a whole week for the first time in a long time so I've had lots of plans to go out with frinds. This has meant that I ate dinner out Mon, Tue, Wed, and will tonight. I also ate lunch out Tue, Wed, and today and will tomorrow too. Surprisingly I am only up .5kgs since my Saturday morning weigh-in with all of this eating out, but it has made for a rough week knowing that I am not dropping weight as I had initially planned. Although I'm not happy with my eating situation this week I've at least been making healthy eating choices while out which has helped and I am happy with my fitness routine. Back to the regular routine next week with better results.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

1 Minute is a Long Time

July 24, 2011.

Sometimes at the gym time drags on and on and on and on forever and I feel like I'm never going to be done. Sometimes it seems to pass by so quickly I can't believe I've been at the gym for an hour.

A minute is a long time when...

  • you are running on a treadmill for one minute sprints (30 seconds is good, 45 is do-able, 1 minute is tiring)

  • you are walking on a treadmill betweeen sprints, but are not out of breath yet

  • you say to yourself "I can do just one more minute" then realize in the process "Yes I can, but why did I decide to do it today because really I want to stop".

  • you are constantly glancing at your time left

  • you only have 1 minute left of any exercise

  • you are holding a stretch for 15 seconds times two legs or arms and you do it twice

  • you are waiting for a machine, piece of equipment, floor space, or the water fountain

  • you are waiting for Chris to change to go home

A minute goes by fast when...

  • you watch two to three t.v. commercials instead of your timer

  • you are listening to an upbeat tune on your iPod

  • you people watch (especially the old guy who walks laps faster than anyone I know)

  • you are gasping for breath on the treadmill after three sprints

  • you first get on a machine

  • you play with the buttons and features on a machine

  • you concentrate on number of sets or reps or exercises to complete

  • you do not look at any clocks or timers

  • you sit/lay down for a breather between set/exercises

Number of minutes spent at the gym today: 80 minutes

Number of minutes spent actually working out: 65 minutes

Number of minutes spent chatting, waiting for Chris, running to the fountain, etc.: 15 minutes

Saturday, July 23, 2011

New Program

July 23, 2011.

Here's my newest program to the best of my memory. I'm waiting on Jodi to print me off the new sheet so it is easier to follow, but I'm hoping after tomorrow morning's run through I will remember what needs to be done without having to check my sheet each time. What I really like about it is that I do the entire program in one corner of the gym and don't have to wait for any machines and have very little set-up time inbetween. This means my heart rate stays high the entire time.

Treadmill 11 min - 1 min @ 3.5mph and 1 min @ 5.0mph I will be increasing this by 2-4 minutes each day until I reach 20 min, then I will run 2 min sprints @5.0.
Swimming (now that I'm off for a few weeks I hope to swim laps after my gym workout)

Lunge - back leg is up on a step 2/15 per leg
Squat - while standing on a BOSU 2/15
Lateral Squat - right foot on BOSU, step on with left, down on ground with right to your right, squat. Repeat moving to the left 2/14
Hamstring Pulls - lie on back on a mat, place medium-size ball under feet, raise hips of floor, pull feet in towards butt rolling the ball in then back out 2/15

Fly Curls - lie on back on large ball and then walk out until it is under your shoulders, lift hips, contract abs, squeeze butt so it looks like you are lying on a flat bench, fly curl as normal 2/15 @ 15lbs
Pullovers - in same position as above, hold one weight in both hands as they are stretched out above your head in line with your body, raise arms up 90 degrees and lower 2/15 @ 15lbs
Incline Curls - on an angled bench (like in a recliner) hold a weight in each hand dangling towards the floor, curl arms up 2/15 @ 12.5lbs
One Arm Row - kneel on bench with one leg stretched out behind you touching floor for balance, on same side hold a freeweight and pull up to your armpit like you are starting a lawn mower 2/15 @ 15lbs
Kickbacks - standing up tall, rotate shoulders back, stick butt out so you are bent slightly forward with a straight back, bend elbows and hold freeweights near armpits, stretch arms backwards 2/15 @ 10lbs
Scarecrows - standing tall, hold arms out to side at 90 degrees, bend elbows so hands and weights are towards ground (elbows level with shoulders), rotate at shoulder to raise weights so hands point up, then rotate so hands point down again 1/15 @ 7.5lbs

Push-ups - on mat 2/20, but try to beat record each time
V-sit Crunches - raise knees in towards chest and feet to butt (hold here) and do crunches 1/20
Bicycles - hands behind head, touch opposite elbow and knee, left/right counts as one 1/20
Leg Drops - start with legs up at 90 degrees to body, lower and raise legs 1/20
Crunches - 1/20
Alternating Supermans - kneel on all fours on mat, stretch opposite arm and leg out, touch hand to knee as you bring both in under your stomach, repeat process 1/10, then repeat on other side 1/10

Weekly Weigh-in Week 6

July 23, 2011.

My goal for this week was to go to the gym everyday Sun-Thu. I went to the gym Sun, Tue, and Thu as per normal. I did not add in the extra days. I'm finally done working during the week so the next three weeks should allow me to go to the gym more frequently to try and speed up this process before my next assessment. I will be painting my house, cleaning the yard, and purging the house of junk so that will keep me busy and active as well. Looking forward to what is to come...

I still did amazingly well this week and lost .9kgs or 2lbs. I have lost 6.6lbs to date. Looks like I'm losing 1lb a week on average which will make my journey slow, but healthy.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Metabolism Is Kicking In

July 21, 2011.

Recently I was told that I wouldn't see consistent and great drops in my weight until my metabolism kicked in and realized it was okay for me to give up the body fat that I have currently. Well today I think it finally decided to purge my system.

At first I thought it was just all the ab work I am doing in my new routine that has gotten my gut churning, but after tonight's workout Chris could only laugh at me as I ran back and forth to the washroom a record number of times during our Jeopardy games. Gross, I know, but I aim to provide the reality of my weight loss and fitness journey.

Today I also got sweatier than I've ever been before. I hate sweating. I hate dripping all over the equipment, tasting the saltiness on my lips, getting it in my eyes, and most of all peeling off sweaty clothing. Up until now it has been mostly my head that has been really sweaty and my back and chest a bit. Chris has wondered how I can wear yoga pants to workout in as he sweats through underwear and shorts during his workout, yet my bottom half remains dry. Today I was sweaty head to toe and now understand why a breeze up your shorts could be refreshing.

Program-wise I completely forgot how to do several parts of the new program Jodi showed me on Tuesday. I got very frustrated trying to figure them out. Chris tried to help me out while running 8km on his treadmill, but his help was not enough to get me through without having a full demonstration. Luckily, at my "I'm giving up at trying to figure this out" point one of the other trainers showed up at the gym. He kindly helped me out and gave me a high five for my great work.

Today I left the gym feeling hot, sweaty, slightly ill (possibly from the heat, the workout, and a headache), starving, and exhausted. Not liking what the gym is doing to my body tonight, but am sure I will be happy looking at the scale tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Oh my God, Jodi!"

July 19, 2011.

"Oh my God, Jodi!" is what I exclaimed aloud as I tried, but failed, to get up from the couch today after a one hour nap. I met with Jodi, my trainer, today thinking she would just check in on how I was doing with my new program. I was wrong. She gave me a new one. I knew it was hard, but I didn't think it was that bad until I fell asleep on the couch when I got home, woke up, and tried to sit up. My abs would not engage and I nearly fell off the couch. I had to roll off in order to get up because even a second attempt did not work.

My new goal for cardio is to run (at least a little bit). I am now on the treadmill for 10 minutes doing a 1 minute walk at 3.5mph and a 1 minute run at 5.0mph and repeating this process. Today I was successful with a 2 minute walk after the first 2 sprints as I needed more recovery time. Even Jodi expressed her congratulations "You're running now? That's awesome!" at seeing me run on the treadmill.

My new program takes less than 30 minutes (not including my cardio) and it has cardio built into it because there is no down time for set-up and I'm moving around a lot more. I do the entire program in one corner of the gym that is fairly empty at most times so this makes my life much easier. I do push-ups (beat your record), various crunches, ball work, BOSU and step squats and lunges, and freeweights for my arms and shoulders. More details about these to come. My abd have to be engaged for almost the whole workout so it is no wonder they didn't like me much later this afternoon.

Chris reported back to me tonight after his new program routine with Jodi that she mentioned she could see some changes in me and that I would be happy with my measurements at assessment time (end of August). She also told him that when girls start training their body likes to hold onto everything they have and not drop weight. You have to be persistent until your metabolosim catches up to your intentions.

Gym today was amazing!!! I definitely love it today. I even pondered the idea of going to the gym twice in one day if I went in the morning and then went back with Chris in the evening sometime. I decided I'm not there yet, but was happy that I at least considered it.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Morning Pancakes

July 17, 2011.

Sunday morning workouts have not been my favourite, but today I actually enjoyed myself. I woke up and climbed out of bed with only one prompt, hopped on Wii Fit (went down .2kg), got dressed, and grabbed a banana to go with Chris' promise to have pancakes when we returned since we left early enough to do so today.

Sunday mornings are not that busy at the gym so it is quiet, machines are fairly empty so no waiting, sitcoms play on tv (instead of news and sports), and people are friendly. Today an old guy was lapping the walking track at a walking pace I certainly would not be able to keep up with, but he was still shouting hellos and calling out nicknames to people as he passed. I've also noticed that there is another couple that works out Sunday mornings the same time as Chris and I. They are older and start earlier than us, but we finish our abs and stretching together most Sundays. It makes me think of Chris and I 30 years down the road.

My workout went well. I still hate lunges on the rack so I skipped them, but I increased some of my weights. I also jogged on the treadmill for a whole minute! Small goals=more celebrations.

My pancakes with warmed peaches and syrup on top were well deserved and delicious. At 700 calories for this treat I think I can be happy making it a once a month experience.

Goal for this week: To work out every day Sun-Thu to try and get better weight loss results. Friday I'm taking off to prep the house for painting and Saturday I want to sleep in.

Mild annoyance: Working out and lifting all those weights makes my fingers swell up and then I have to jam my wedding rings back on my finger. Ouch.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Apologies

I am very sorry to those of you that have been posting comments all this time on my blog. I am obviously new to blogging and just learned this evening out of a bored exploration into the blog features that there were several comments waiting to be read.

I appreciate your support, kind words, and tips for success. I will read and respond to comments from now on. That goes for those of you that respond to my facebook account instead as well.

Onward to the gym tomorrow morning. Hopefully it will be early enough to have a much missed pancake breakfast too.

In the meantime...I'm also looking for a goal to accomplish if you have any suggestions. Chris is going to do a 10k mud run. I am so not up for that next month, so something smaller and more manageable would be prefered.

Weekly Weigh-in Week 5

July 16, 2011.

This week my weight has gone up and down like a yo-yo. I've had no idea what to expect as when I worked out my weight went up and when I snacked my weight went down. I need to make sure I'm more consistent with my choices next week. I also need to add more cardio I think. Definitely have to talk with Jodi on Tuesday. Looking forward to doing an assessment at the end of August to see how my body fat and measurements have changed. Need to buy new bras soon as the bands are sliding up my back.

This week down .1 kgs or .2 lbs.

Overall down 2.1 kgs or 4.6 lbs in 5 weeks.

Friday, July 15, 2011

New Workout Breakdown

July 15, 2011.

Jodi taught me a new workout routine 4 sessions ago. It is the one that involves "the rack" that I mentioned so fondly earlier. Here is the complete breakdown of what I did yesterday though for this new workout plan. I'm meeting with Jodi again on Tuesday to make sure I'm still doing it right and pushing myself as I'm not seeing the increases as quickly as last time and I'm not losing weight.

Elliptical 22min at level 9 and 95RPM
Elliptical 10min at level 10 doing 15 seconds sprints at 120RPM every minute
Treadmill 10 min - 1% incline at 3.5mph for first 3 min then 0% incline but raise speed by .1mph every minute until I reach 4.0mph which is my top walking speed it seems
***Add stairmill in when I can - which currently is one session of 1.5min at 60 steps/min***

Squat Rack 2/15 at 30lbs
Sumo Squat (next to rack holding freeweight) 2/20 at 15lbs
Rack Lunges 1/15 at 30lbs - haven't been able to do 2 sets yet
Assisted Pull-up 1/8 lifting 90lbs (setting is different as it is balanced with your own weight) aiming for 15, but very hard to do
Face Pull 2/15 at 42.5lbs

Free Weights (on bench)
Chest Press 2/15 at 15lbs
Chest Fly 2/15 at 12.5lbs
Concentration Curl 2/15 at 12.5lbs
Skull Crusher 2/15 at 10lbs
Lateral Raise (standing) 1/15 at 7.5lbs can't do two sets yet
***It is annoying to have to grab 4 different sets of free weights so hoping to up some soon***

BOSU Crunch (sit on BOSU, arch back then sit up all the way) 1/8 - goal 1/20
*gave up and started doing my regular crunches 1/20*
BOSU Twist (sit on BOSU, arch back then sit all the way up touching opposite elbow and knee)
*gave up and started doing my regular toe touches*
Scissor Feet (lie on mat, raise legs and cross right leg over left then under left - counts as 1) 1/20
Double Crunch - forgot what this was, but remember it was super hard when Jodi showed me
Back Extensions 1/20 just like before

Stretch Out
Same routine, but hard to explain
Definitely more flexible and stronger now

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

*$#% it! I want a Big Mac.

July 12, 2011.

So I hit a low today. I woke up all cheery and hopped on Wii fit only to find out that I gained .9kgs overnight. Seriously, how the heck did that happen. No, I did not go to the gym yesterday, but I went Sunday and have been eating well. Yes, I ate dinner late last night (8:30pm), but I ate one piece of salmon instead of my usual two, some rice, and veggies. This makes no sense to me and really pissed me off. It took me a whole week to lose that weight and I get it back in a day.

I really wanted to run to the store and get a chocolate bar, but thankfully had no car and didn't feel it was worth the walk. I attempted baking cookies, but got a call to pick up my car from the shop in the process of digging out ingredients. Figured I'd buy a chocolate bar on my walk down to the garage, but decided against it while on route.

That brings me to 8:15pm when I'm on my way home from tutoring and still haven't eaten dinner. I haven't had fast food in over a month and I passed several places on my way home. Buying a Big Mac and a Coke was totally worth it. I wanted to taste something good that I didn't have to think about how it fit into my new lifestyle. I knew I would get a lecture from Chris when I got home, but I figured it would still be worth it. It wasn't.

I got a full lecture, was glared at with every bite, and Chris totally ruined my enjoyment of my Big Mac no matter how much I tried to insist he wasn't. Chris felt slightly better when he found out a Big Mac is only 540 calories and not the 800-900 we thought it was. Went for a walk afterwards. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

Today - definitely hating the gym.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


July 10, 2011.

So today as I lay sprawled out on my workout mat complaining that I didn't have it in me to finish my ab exercises Chris decided to give me some words of encouragement. "You can do. It only gets harder the longer you wait. Get going." Genious isn't he? lol Needless to say it wasn't very inspirational or helpful, but he also took the time to remind me that the gym takes SACRIFICE. This only irked me more because I would rather be home sleeping and eating pancakes on a Sunday morning than be lying on a mat all sweaty with exhaustion, but it got me thinking...

Sacrifices I do not like making for the gym:
-giving up sleep
-pancake breakfasts
-time away from relaxation/tv watching
-money spent on the gym/workout clothes
-eating whatever I want whenever I want
-doing more laundry

Sacrifices I do like making for the gym:
-my favourite pants are too big
-I can't complain that the cat litter/other items are too heavy to lift
-I feel more energized and therefore don't want to lay and rest
-my personality changed because I want to go to the gym
-my butt got an uplift because my underwear are saggy
-I spend time thinking about doing things I never thought possible (ie. Warrior Dash)
-gaining flexibility (I moved the leg stretching pole up a notch today)
-making the gym a priority without getting any flack for it (sorry time for gym or grass cutting)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Weekly Weigh-in 1 month

July 9, 2011.

So it's been a whole month of working out and weighing myself. Today it didn't seem worth it. I hopped on the scale and was disappointed to see that I only dropped a little overall this week (and in fact gained .6 kgs from my lowest weight to date which was on Wednesday). I don't understand how this happens. I put in the work. I eat decently. I get better at what I'm doing at the gym. And, ta-dah I only lose a small amount of weight. Frustrating.

Chris keeps telling me that I'm still doing well. I'm losing about a pound a week and I am increasing the amount of weight I lift and the amount and intensity of the cardio I am doing. I still feel like I'm putting forth way too much effort for very little reward in terms of weight loss. I'm looking forward to doing a weigh-in at the gym in another month so I can see if my body fat is going down much more drastically. At least that way I will know I'm being successful.

Today my abs still hurt from my Tuesday workout. I tried to do my abs again on Friday and got eight reps done before it hurt too much to sit up. My thighs are sore and almost give out when I go to sit down from all the squats and lunges I'm doing. But, my arms are feeling pretty decent. Although, I had an awkward incident on the assited pull-up machine yesterday where I pushed myself to the point I couldn't pull myself up again. I had to figure out how I was getting off my knees on a seat on the ground that would spring up past my head when my weight was no longer on it. I'm sure I looked hilarious.

Weight loss this week: a whopping .2kgs or .4lbs

Weight loss after one month: 2kgs or 4.4lbs

Overall I'm feeling defeated, but maybe tomorrow will be better after another workout.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Let Me Introduce You To "The Rack"

July 7, 2011.

I met with Jodi again on Tuesday to get a new workout program. I finished up my 22 minutes of cardio on the elliptical, showed her some before and after pictures of Chris as he recently passed his one year mark for training with Jodi, and then she introduced me to something called "the rack".

The rack is a machine that I never thought I would use as it looks like it is designed for a body builder. You even have to add padding to the bar to make it "more comfortable" to use. It is a machine with a barbell strapped to it that you can add weights to. You place the barbell across your upper back/shoulders and then you squat or lunge to lift the weight. It is awkward and not at all enjoyable at this point in time.

I thought that was bad, but then we moved onto the assisted pull-up machine. This is another thing I never thought I would do. It didn't help that the lowest setting I can start at is about 90lbs because it works in a balance with your own weight.

We added more free weights on the benches this time and then changed up my abs so that I am required to do them on the BOSU ball which means a crunch now requires me to arch backwards and then come all the way up to a sitting position. I did this on Tuesday and my abs still feel the pull from the stretch.

I also learned how to operate the stairmill to keep my cardio going inbetween stations. I am to aim for 1-2 minutes each time. Chris does 20 minutes consecutive on his arm day.

Shocked by what Jodi is requiring me to do, but eager to see improvements.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mini Miracles

July 3, 2011.

This Tuesday I will be meeting with my amazing trainer to get a new program because she said when I get bored of my program my body has gotten bored of my program and it is time to switch things up. I thought I'd give a little summary of what I've accomplished since my first training session with Jodi on June 14th.

I've only gone to the gym 7 times in total including that first training session and here are my mini miracles as of today:

- That 700 calorie ice cream for breakfast (and 2000 calories eaten) yesterday resulted in a .3kg weight loss this morning
- Chris told me my butt was looking good today because it is starting to round out (as he made a motion over my butt at the gym to demonstrate). I don't see it, but I'll take it.
- Laying in bed last night I thought "these don't look like my arms anymore". Now I know why Chris is always checking himself out in the mirror.
- I can walk all the way around our kitchen table without tipping a chair to squeeze between the cupboards and the pushed in chairs.
- It takes longer for my heart rate to increase while doing cardio and it steadies out at a lower rate.

The gym stats (increases over 7 sessions - 2 with a trainer):

Decline Leg Press from 2/30 at 50lbs to 2/30 at 100lbs
Adductor/Abductor from 1/15 at 70 & 140lbs to 2/15 at 90 & 175lbs
Hamstring Curl from 1/15 at 50lbs to almost 2/15 at 60lbs
Lat Pulldown from 1/15 at 60lbs to 2/15 at 60lbs
Seated Row 1/15 at 27.5lbs to almost 2/15 at 27.5lbs
Cable Chest Press 1/15 at 6lbs to almost 2/15 at 8lbs
Cable Chest Fly 1/15 at 6lbs to 2/15 at 4lbs

On the BOSU Ball:
Hammer Curl 1/15 at 10lbs to 2/15 at 12.5lbs
Tricep Extension 1/15 at 10lbs to 2/15 at 12.5lbs
Shoulder Press 1/15 at 7.5lbs to 2/15 at 10lbs

On a mat (did not increase):
Push Through Abs 1/20
Knee In Abs 1/20
Oblique Crunches 1/20 (right touch left touch counts as one)
Back Extension 1/20

Stretch Out:
I can hold myself up now on the angled platforms and I raised the leg bar one notch higher.

Elliptical from 10min, 95RPM, level 8 to 20min, 95-100RPM, level 9

Today the gym exhausted me (first thing in the morning workouts really suck), but today I love the gym. :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

A-typical Meal Plan Weekend

On weekends I still stick to my calorie count, but my meal plan is all over the place. I snack more and eat more frequently while at the office so I try and take things that accommodate this desire. Every weekend day is a-typical so I'll give you yesterday as an example:

- 9am (420 calories) Ate two poached eggs and two pieces of toast with butter and a glass of skim milk as Chris decided we needed to use up our eggs that were about to expire. Funny how he asked me what I would like for breakfast then decided that he didn't know how to make paoched eggs so I ended up making us breakfast while he cleaned the kitchen. This usually happens on pancake day as well.

- 11am (140 calories) drank a pop

- 11:30am (300 calories) ate lasagna from last night's dinner

- 12:30pm (100 calories) cut up a fresh pineapple and snacked on pieces of it, sipped at a bottle fo water

- 1:30pm really wishing I had chocolate right now, rooted through purse for stray candy, pulled apart locker, nothing found, realized I hadn't finished pop so drank sugary goodness with content

- 2:30pm (50 calories) ate more pineapple

- 4:30pm (400 calories) have really been craving something sweet to snack on (timbits or Reese's mini peanut butter cups would be awesome right now) ate a bowl of Golden Grahams with skim milk, so full now I might explode - obviously eating out of boredom right now

- 7pm (200 calories) ate two celery sticks with light cream cheese, drank more water

- 8:30pm (100 calories) finished pineapple

Total calories 1290

Went home thinking would eat a 100 calorie ice cream because I'm still craving sugar and have extra calories to use. Got distracted talking to Chris and was then too tired to have debate with Chris that ice cream is a perfectly good snack at 11:30pm at night so didn't even bother to go get one. Climbed into bed and had Chris read me the end of the first chapter of The Hobbit.

Note: Still craving ice cream when I woke up so got an ice cream cone for breakfast on the way to work at 10:30am (700 calories). I'm not perfect, but I'm happy.

Typical Meal Plan Weekday

I noted earlier that I would post what I typically eat in day for my 1500-2000 calories as dieting seems to be the focus of so many people I talk to that are trying to lose weight. There are very few things I changed so I haven't found it hard to keep within my calorie limit (although there are some evenings that I wish I could eat an extra chocolate bar and have to show restraint).

Breakfast (avg. 300 calories)
- usually a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios with skim milk 300 calories
- sometimes 2 eggs (poached, scrambled, or omelet with cheese) and white toast with butter 350-400 calories

Lunch (avg. 500 calories)
- bottle of water 0 calories
- 1 package Oreo Thinsations 100 calories
- individual cottage cheese 90 calories
- yogurt cup 35 calories
- piece of fruit 50-100 calories
- cheese and crackers or veggies with hummus/light cream cheese 200 calories

4pm Snack (avg. 200 calories)
Note: if we eat dinner early (6pm) I have a 9pm snack of 100 calories instead
- donut or chocolate bar or ice cream treat and a green tea or bottled water 100-250 calories

Dinner (avg. 600 calories)
Note: we eat late around 8:30pm most nights
- one portion meat (chicken, lamb, fish, pork, sometimes beef) with two types of veggies (carrots, corn, parsnips, peas, beans, broccoli, salad) or a starch (rice, potatoes) and a veggie 500-600 calories
- or pasta with shrimp/chicken/tofu and veggies in a tomato/alfredo sauce 400-500 calories
- glass of skim milk 100 calories

Total 1600 calories on average which allows me to have an extra treat (like pop) or go out for dinner instead which is almost always more calories.

Weekly Weigh-in 3

July 2, 2011.

I've been annoyed with Wii fit this week because my weight has gone up and down like a yo-yo and didn't drop enough the day after the gym to make me think all this hard work was worth it. Why should I spend over an hour at the gym getting sweaty and working out if I'm only going to drop .1kg? Chris reassured me that I am having success as I am doing more for longer at the gym and that the weight will come with it eventually.

This week I dropped .9 kgs or 2 lbs. I am down 4 lbs overall.