Monday, December 31, 2012

Hey, Hey, Success!

Dragged my butt to the gym today before noon because I have been feeling motivated to go.  I was not very motivated this morning though when I was all cozy in my covers on the couch, but I went anyway.  I told Chris I would go in the morning and be home to make lunch as he only had to work a half day.  I left it right to the wire to leave.

I strategically chose my treadmill.  I almost took the one between two fast and fit runners, but decided their fast pace would distract me from keeping a steady one.  Plus it felt a little intimidating.  I relocated to a treadmill between two walking young girls.  I was ready to feel like a champ by kicking up the speed between them.

I set my treadmill to a modest 4.5mph and proceeded to do my 3km (1.86 mile) trial run.  I ran a full 7 minutes before I had to take a walking break, but then I was able to do roughly 2 minute sets of walking then running.  I even set the treadmill on an incline!

Bad News: I'm still getting a stitch in my right side when I run.  It is mild enough that I can ignore it for the most part.  Today I got huge cramps in my calves though at the 1 mile mark.  I had to really slow it down to keep from feeling like my muscles were going to burst out the back of my legs.  I discovered keeping the steady run pace was better than walking it out though.  Any suggestions for muscle cramping while running?  I did not stretch before as my trainer advised me not too, but I did stretch after.

Good news: My ego took a boost because the girls on either side of me kept looking over at me and upping their pace for short bursts.  And, when they left a fit young guy ran at breakneck speeds next to me for short bursts and then watched me run on his rest times.  I just watched Ellen Degenerous' stand up "Here and Now" with the odd glance around the room.  TV makes running go so much faster. 

Better News: I hoped to complete my 3km in under 30 minutes to feel like I was even close to being competative for the try-a-tri with some training.  I managed to do it in 29 minutes!  So, if I shave 1 minutes off my time every month I will be able to achieve a competative time for the run portion in August (I'm aiming for middle of the pack). - Sad realization...that means I need to run the entire 3km at 6mph without walking breaks :( but it's possible.

Wednesday is cycle day.  10km on the bike.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

I Hate New Years' Resolutions

I literally dropped off from the blogging world without explanation, but I'm back!  I intended to make it back sooner, but to be honest I haven't done anything related to my blog intentions "learning to love the gym" as I have not been at the gym since my last post (ages ago). 

I have however, continued to talk about fitness motivation with my husband.  The result - I don't have it and he has lots and I want it to rub off.  I am still searching for that thing that will motivate me to keep going to the gym when the gym gets hard, or I get tired or sick, or work pops up and life takes over.  I want to want to be the person who loves going to the gym, but I'm just not there yet.

Therefore, I continue to renew my fitness goals and make plans in my head and on paper and eventually I will actually start to physically implement them.  That brings me to the New Year and the resolutions that come with it.  I've never been good at setting or keeping them when I do voice some sort of goal for the year.  I've also recently read that diets and fitness goals tend to start on Mondays with the start of a new week.  Coincidentally, I am going against what I hate and re-renewing my fitness journey on a Monday just in time for the New Year.  I have 9 hours tomorrow in which to get my butt to the gym and time myself for a 3km run to jump start my try-a-tri training.  Here's to my new energy as I go forward!

PS I've also recommitted to eating healthier bento box style lunches and I genuinely enjoy them and they work well with my crazy work schedules.  Part of this inspiration comes from a slew of documentaries I've watched lately thanks to Netflix Canada.  Here's a pic of today's menu:

oven roasted chicken lunchmeat, carrots, cherry tomatoes, cucumber dill yogurt dressing, grapes, Babybel cheese

pistachios for a snack