Progress Pics

I always like looking at everyone's pictures when I go on their blogs to see their journey.  I figured it was about time I posted mine as well.  Hopefully over the next year I will post more frequent pics and be able to add the comment "down 25 lbs, down 50 lbs, etc.).  In going back through my photos I've noticed that I tend to only have my photo taken when it's a formal event (ie. it seems I wear a lot of dresses when in reality that is a rarity).


Golfing this summer.


Trying to get guests to dance at my dad's wedding.
First year wedding anniversary.


Cruising with Chris in the Caribbean.

Wedding day.


Wearing Chris' hat on our way to his work Christmas party.     


Vacation with my brother - I wish I had his side of the family genes.


Vegas trip.

At my aunt and uncle's trailer.


High school graduation formal.  I was around 150lbs here.

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