Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Summer of Me

I mentioned earlier that I have decided to make this year "the summer of me".  A few friends have commented on how great and how funny that is, but I find it necessary.  I work super hard all year long and want to focus on my health and fitness, but it always gets pushed aside for what I deem to be more important.  Now is the time for me to be important and thankfully I have a husband who eagerly supports me (even when it could mean a $4000 loss by not finding full-time summer employment - eek!)

The countdown is on (8 more sleeps) until I make the gym my priority 5 days a week.  I already have my workouts planned and on my schedule for the whole month of July.  I will be doing an hour of cardio on the gym machines (treadmill, bike, stairmill, rowing machine, cybex, elliptical, etc.), stretches and ab floor work, followed by an hour of "fun fitness" (yoga, swimming, cycling) each and every weekday.  I will fit in some strength training as I see fit when I desire to do it, but I want the focus to be on cardio and losing weight and not on trying to fulfill a fitness program where I become too drained to do the cardio in between.

I will also be putting into place a nutrition plan that works for me (a la Marion's post on Affection for Fitness).  This will mainly consist of eating breakfast at home (not in the car), a healthy lunch before my workouts, a fruit/veggie snack, a typical home-cooked dinner, and if needed a light snack = 1500 to 1800 calories a day.

Best of luck with your summer fitness!  Stay tuned for my progress.