Sunday, October 30, 2011

I'm Back!

October 30, 2011.

I'm back. I went to the gym this morning with my hubby and I worked out for over an hour. I did not, however, complete my leg and ab day. It takes me 1.5 hours to do it and I tried, I really tried, but it seems that 3 weeks away from the gym and a lingering cold drained me of my motivation. I recognize that my lack of attendance at the gym made my workout that much harder for me today as I was not willing to drop my weights, my times, my levels, or my repetitions. Even with some overly smiley prodding and strict words of encouragement from Chris couldn't get me to peel myself off my mat and do my last section of my workout (I was so close to finishing it in full).

I am happy to tack the remaining part of my workout onto my Tuesday program when I do arm day and that will make me just as happy. The gym really sucked today. I found it hard. I've lost some of my strength and my abs did not want to contract the same way they did before. But, I was still happy to have gone and it was nice to be back. Tuesday will be better. Past experience dictates that.

And, I'm excited about doing my yoga photos (even with my worst haircut ever that I just got on Friday). For now, I challenge you to try the "sun salutation" three times through. This was part of a warm-up I used to do for an indigenous contemporary dance class I took in university (yes this is actually a credit on my transcript).

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Weekly Weigh-in 5 Months

October 29, 2011.

I can't belive it has been 5 months of working out and going to the gym. After having been away from the gym for the past two weeks I've finally reached the point where I really and truly miss it. I can say that I love going to the gym, working out, and getting that rewarding feeling of putting in my time.

I have been celebrating the fact that I've finally hit my 10lb wieght loss marker which I think is great. However, my five month marker has brought me to the realization that I entered into this thinking I would have lost about 20lbs by now. I am so happy to be losing weight and will continue on my path, but I am finding it frustrating that I have not lost more. Don't get me wrong - I do understand why that is - I have not gone to the gym consistently and I have not changed my eating habits much. Looks like this is my wake up call to set some goals and make those changes.

Goals for this week:
Go to the gym Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday (complete all three of my workout routines in full).
Take photographs of yoga comparisons and post to blog.

Weight loss this week: down .2kgs which puts me back to my 10lb weight loss marker as I went up .2kgs last week.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekly Weigh-in Week 19

October 23, 2011.

I re-weighed myself today now that I'm feeling a bit better. I went up .2kgs since last week which isn't bad considering I haven't been to the gym and I had a 5 course anniversary dinner this week. Still down overall, but sadly am no longer over my 10lb mark (I'm just under).

Saturday, October 22, 2011

I'm Sick...Now What?

October 22, 2011.

Today was supposed to be my weekly weigh-in. I did jump on Wii-Fit and take my measurement, gasp that I went up .8kgs since my last measurement 3 days ago, and promptly climb back into bed. I know up up since last Saturday, but I don't think I'm up the full .8kgs because I had dropped weight throughout the week. I plan to re-weigh and post tomorrow.

For now, I want to discuss being sick and the need to go to the gym. I have not been to the gym in almost 2 weeks now. I am very sad about this, but obviously not sad enough to get my butt there. I had planned to go tomorrow and start up my routine again (I really want to do my new 3 day gym program), but I am officially sick with a sinus cold of some sort and a splitting headache. I've dragged myself into work for a 12 hour shift as I will do again tomorrow because it really isn't an option, but the gym just doesn't seem like an option.

I was reading an old post by Carrie at about this very same thing. What do you do when you're sick and the gym is on your schedule. Chris would just suck it up and go, tell me he felt better after having gone, and then possibly taken a day off work to recover (or at least had the weekend to do so). I, on the other hand, work 6 out of 7 days a week and use my 7th day to do all the running around that needs to be done. I slept 12 hours last night in hopes of recovery and yet I still feel like crap.

What to do? I want to go to the gym, but the thought of all that hard work turns my stomach (although it may be the diet of tea and toast I've been living off of from not feeling well). I also don't want to overwork myself and then have to book a supply teacher to fill in for me the week before I write report cards. Any suggestions?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Weekly Weigh-in Week 18

October 15, 2011.

I did it! I finally did it! I made it to the 10lb weight loss mark (just in time for my one year wedding anniversary tomorrow). This has been a long road since June, but I'm here and I don't plan on going back. It's only down from here.

I have 8 weeks left before my birthday and I'm going to do my second assessment for measurements then. My goal is to lose another 10lbs by that point which requires me to speed up the weight loss process by two times. It also keeps me in a healthy weight loss range at approximately 1lb per week.

This week I lost .2kgs which put me at the 4.5kgs or 10lbs lost marker.

Monday, October 10, 2011

FMM: Taboo Topics

October 10, 2011. Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians!

FMM (Friend Making Mondays) comes from a very cool blog I've been enjoying reading it for the past few weeks. If you want to partake, answer the questions posted on Mondays and link them back to the blog. Meet new people and find more amazing blogs to read.

FMM: 8 Taboo Topics

How often do you read/watch the news?
Almost never. The news bores me. I hear about it through friends when something really important comes up, otherwise I avoid it like The Plague.

What is your opinion on beauty pageants?
I entered one of sorts back when I was 16. It was to be the Millbrook Fair Ambassador for the small town that I grew up in. I only entered because a friend begged me when they were short entrants and convinced me only because you had to give a speech (I was taking a public speaking course to practice for my career goal of teaching). I competed against all the girls I envied from school who I thought were drop dead gorgeous. During a break in the locker room I was surprised to overhear these thin, beautiful girls talk about how bad they looked. At 150lbs and 5'9 I had a great body, but didn't recognize it until that moment when I thought "If these 100lb popular girls are confident and hate their bodies, then what makes me think I'll love mine more if I become stick thin?" That was a start of a new confident life for me. I've never looked back or thought poor of myself since. I went on to place 1st runner up (losing to an out of town girl who was very deserving inside and out).

Would you date/marry someone who has different religious views than you?
My husband and I come from different religious backgrounds, but at our core we belive in the same things. We are not that far off from each other and the most important "dealbreakers" are in line with each other. My longest relationship outside of my husband was with a guy who was wiccan. I am Anglican. It worked for us for a long time as I'm a pretty open person. It wouldn't have worked though if we had to raise a child together. I'm open to everyone having their own beliefs, but I want my children to have beliefs similar to my own. Polar opposites are difficult.

Do you follow politics?
Not at all. Politics are as boring as the news. I vote, but I make my decision moments before I leave for the ballot box. My husband and I do not usually vote the same, but I respect his views.

How often do you talk about sex in your daily life and/or on your blog?
Never on my blog (until now). Frequently with my friends. All the time with my husband.

Does it make you uncomfortable when someone asks you about your salary/income?
I've never understood this. I repectfully do not ask other people what they make, but I am happy to tell anyone that asks what I make and I often share this info on my own as I know it is something I would be thinking about, but too respectful to ask. I've also been told by employers specifically not to share my income in the past. I do not think this is right and know that only businesses that are trying to hide what they are doing wrong in terms of salaries/wages ask this. Now that I'm a teacher my salary is public for anyone to see by looking up my collective agreements. In Canadian dollars, as a supply teacher I make $220 a day, as a long term occasional teacher I make $291 a day, if I was on a full-time teaching contract I would make $56,000 a year, as a private tutor I charge $25 hour, and as a dispatcher I make $18.50 an hour. In 17 years of employment I've never been without a job and only made minimum wage once when I worked at Dairy Queen for a month.

Do you tag friends and family in pictures that you post on FB, or do you seek permission first?
I tag away. My mom has requested I don't post her so I respect that. Otherwise, I believe you are fair game if you're at an event with me and I snap your shot. I tag you to let you know there is a picture of you online. If you request me to take it down I will. I do not post anything I wouldn't want my employer, my family, or my future children to see (nor do I partake in anything that would lead to those kinds of photos).

Can you be friends with people who have opposing views on ‘taboo’ topics?
That's what keeps my life interesting. I like to surround myself with people who don't think like me and act like me (as well as those that do). I want my friends to bring out parts of my personality that would otherwise stay hidden. I also like to have my mind opened to new thoughts.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Look At My Diet

October 9, 2011.

Near the beginning of my posting journey I mentioned my opposition to dieting. I've never done it and don't intend to do it now. I love fresh food and hate frozen meals. I'd rather pay $50 for a gourmet dinner out than $10 for fast food. And, I don't eat large portions.

I do, however, like things that are sweet and find it very hard to go a day without eating something chocolately or sugary and drinking one can of regular Coke a day is proving difficult to eliminate from my diet. I've tried Coke Zero and Diet Coke and I'd honestly rather give up the real stuff than drink the fake as I think they taste disgusting.

At the request of a few followers I'm posting my typical meal plans from the past week. It's something I recognize I need to change to see better weight loss results and that is why this request was good timing - because I've made that my goal for the month. On average I eat about 1800 calories a day without any effort at cutting calories. Weekends are tough and I tend to eat more (2500+ calories) as I work in an office room by myself for 12 hours with only a bar fridge, a microwave, and a toaster oven with no tray to prepare food in.

Breakfast between 6am-7am
Aim for 300-400 calories
Ex. 1 (at home) Bowl of cereal with skim milk - Special K, Honey Nut Cheerios, Golden Grahams, or Lucky Charms (I switch it up)
Ex. 2 (on the go) Toasted bagel with plain cream cheese and a large green tea with 2 milk and 2 sugar from Tim Horton's

Lunch 10:00am ish (I teach elementary school so we have two lunch breaks)
Aim for 150-350 calories
My lunches tend to be snackable things because I often eat them in less than 10 minutes or while on the go because I supervise extra-curricular clubs, do yard duty, or prep my classes. I really need to make a point of sitting and eating.
Ex. 1 Bottle of water, Source yogurt cup, cottage cheese cup
Ex. 2 Bottle of water, 6 graham crackers with cream cheese or block cheddar cheese, Source yogurt cup
Ex. 3 leftovers from dinner (pasta usually) that fit in a sandwhich tupperware container

Lunch 1:00pm ish
Aim for 250 calories
Ex. 1 Finish water bottle, piece of fresh fruit, Source yogurt cup, chocolate coated granola bar
Ex. 2 Finish water bottle, carrots and garlic hummas, 100 calorie pre-packaged treat (ie. Crispy Minis or popcorn)
Ex. 3 Finish water bottle, Source yogurt cup

After School Snack 4:00pm ish
Usually 300 calories
This is where I struggle. I'm usually starving at this point as I've only "snacked" for lunch and will not be eating dinner until 8pm many nights. This is the first area of my meal planning I will be changing by substituting a piece of fresh fruit.
Ex. 1 donut from Tim Horton's and a large green tea with two milk and two sugar
Ex. 2 chocolate bar
Ex. 3 3 cookies
Ex. 4 an ice cream bar (100-150 calorie ones)

Dinner between 5:00pm and 9:00pm
I'm usually under 1000 calories before dinner. Aim for 700-800 calories for dinner.
This is usually where I drink a Coke, but I'm trying to switch back to drinking skim milk like I used to before I married a man who only drinks pop and hot chocolate.
Ex. 1 lamb chop, parsnip puree, green beans
Ex. 2 chicken breast in sauce, frozen corn, frozen peas
Ex. 3 two frozen salmon filets, a few spoonfuls of white rice with soya sauce, frozen mixed veg
Ex. 4 pasta with 4-5 small turkey meatballs or frozen baby shrimp and spaghetti sauce, may add veggies into pasta
Ex. 5 pork tenderloin, mashed potatoes with gravy, baby carrots
Ex. 6 steak (seldom red meat), yams, broccoli

Note: Dinner components are all interchangeable. My dinner plate usually consists of these food groups serving lean meat, 1-2 vegetables (frozen, fresh, or salads), 1 "starch" (rice, potato, yams, parsnips).

Snack (only if an early dinner)

Aim for 100-200 calories.

Ex. 1 hot chocolate with marshmallows

Ex. 2 100-150 calorie ice cream bar

Ex. 3 dessert of any kind (pudding, pie slice, cupcake, cookies)

Total 1800-2300 if I use the minimum and maximum for all categories, however I usually range between 1600-2100 calories.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Weekly Weigh-in Week 17

October 8, 2011.

This was an amazing week with my three new programs. I went down in weight every day except this morning when I went up a bit (granted we went to a pub for dinner to celebrate a friend's birthday). My metabolism is finally settling in too. Back to the gym tomorrow for the dreaded leg day, but plan to hop in the hot tub on my way home from work at the end of the night.

This week down .8kgs or 1.8lbs.

That's a total weight loss to date of 4.3kgs or 9.5lbs. Almost at my 10lb marker I've been desperately trying to hit for months now.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

"We're Putting a Dimple in Your Butt"

October 6, 2011.

"We're putting a dimple in your butt." This is what Jodi, my trainer, said to me today. She gave me a third program to complete my cycle so I can do something different each day I visit the gym. It's working too! I was down 1kg today since my Saturday weigh-in!!!

My new program seemed easy today in comparison to my last two (although it's still hard and I only did it once through instead of twice as I was learning it in 30 minutes). When Jodi stopped me to tell me our 30 minutes was up I couldn't believe it. I thought we had just finished the warm-ups and figured she had added an ab break in the middle, but nope, we were done.

The comment above came from Jodi when we got on all fours on the mats and she proceded to tell me that we were going to learn some butt blasters. When she said "donkey kicks" I thought no problem I've done those before and they hurt a bit, but I can do 20 of them. Then she told me that after doing 20 of them on one leg I was going to do three more variations of this exercise on the same leg for 20 reps each. That's 80 butt blasters on one leg before I get to switch! By the time I got to switch my first butt cheek and hip flexor was so sore it was difficult just to prop myself up on it so I could swing the other one around for 80 repetitions. Chris told me my butt was less jiggly the other day so I guess this will only make it less so in the near future.

I'm also very surprised today by my recovery time. I banged out each exercise back to back with only a few stops here and there to get one deep breath and then I kept going. I didn't full out stop once.

Here's the new program...

Cardio warm up of choice.

Walking lunges down the track and back while holding 15lb weights in each hand
20 sumo squats holding 15lbs in each hand

20 (increase each time) mountain climbers on sliders (running in place while in push-up position)
20 (increase each time) soldiers on sliders (in push up position split legs open then closed)

20 wall squats using a big ball behind my back while holding an 8lb medicine ball, squat as low as you can go (trying to work on getting me to go lower)
20 hamstring curls using the big ball under my feet to roll my feet into my butt while my pelvis is lifted

Butt blasters... (20 per leg of each, then switch to second leg) - kneel on all fours
Donkey kicks - with knee bent kick foot up towards the ceiling
Straight leg kicks - keep leg straight and raise it towards the ceiling
Fire hydrants - lift bent leg as if to pee on a fire hydrant like a dog
Knee to shoulder - in fire hydrant position bring knee up to same shoulder instead of up towards ceiling

One leg press 40lbs 15 presses with one foot only in middle of plate, then switch to other leg
Sumo press 90lbs 15 presses with toes pointed out to corners of plate
Straight press 90lbs 15 presses with toes pointed forwards

Ab crunch machine - 50lbs+ ??? do a full controlled extension arching back then forward making sure to contract abs to move machine and not use arms to pull down on weights do as many as you can for 15 seconds, take 10 second break, repeat 2 more times
Obliques crunch machine - 50lbs twist to right for 20, then twist to left for 20
Back extension machine - 50lbs 20 controlled extensions


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It Feels Good

October 5, 2011.

I have been doing my new workout program for almost a week now and it feels good. The weight is just falling off littlle by little each day. It's nice to see some progress on the scale finally. Let's hope it stays that way. Back to seeing Jodi again tomorrow to make sure I keep pushing myself. Skipping the gym today though as I am still feeling ill and every muscle still aches from the previous workouts.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Upper Body Program

October 3, 2011.

I woke up today on my day off and felt horrible. Jodi's lower body workout got my whole system churning and I spent 2 hours running back and forth to the bathroom. I so did not want to go to the gym in the midst of this, but I dragged my butt there to meet with Jodi for another new workout routine. I surprisingly felt well once we started and made it through the whole routine in our alloted 30 minutes which is a rarity. Usually we have to just do one set to learn it so my recovery time is getting better.

Upper Body Workout (alternate with lower body and with cardio routines)

Note: I do 3 sets of 15 repetitions for each arm exercise. I do both exercises that are partnered together then repeat them two more times.

Treadmill or choice of another cardio machine to warm-up

Dumbell chest press 20lbs
1 arm dumbell row 25lbs

Dumbell chest fly 15lbs
Dumbell pullover 22.5lbs

Lat pulldown 57.5
Tricep pulldown 27.5lbs

Seated cable fly setting 6
Dumbell bicep curl 17.5lbs

Seated cable row 27.5lbs
Dumbell shoulder press 12.5lbs

Then I do crunches and situps 1 set of 20 for each:
Straight arm crunch holding 8lb medicine ball
Roman twist holding 8lb medicine ball
Full crunch holding 8lb medicine ball
Alternating leg drop
Back extension

Stretch out

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Today I Rock!

October 2, 2011.

I was very toasty covered with two duvets in bed this morning so it was difficult to get myself going this morning, but I was determined to conquer my new workout routine from start to finish with no shortcuts. This was no small feat as you will see by looking at my earlier blog that breaks it down because it is a lower body intensive circuit that keeps my heart pumping and my muscles contracted. It also took 1.5 hours to complete which is 30 more minutes of workout time then I've ever dedicated before. Trust me - I was ready to walk away on more than one occasion, but just as I considered it I moved onto the next station and felt like the change could keep me going.

I rock because I finished the whole circuit start to finish without skipping any steps, shortening my reps, lowering my weights, or tapping out of my cardio with less time. It wasn't that bad, but my legs are a little weak so I'm glad to be getting a different program tomorrow to alternate with this one. Hopefully it will be shorter. I made lots of improvements though in addition to completely my program in full as it was intended because I also increased my weights.

Now...the only way to make today better will be a drop in weight tomorrow on the scale.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Woohoo! I Made Progress! Weekly Weigh-in 4 Months

October 1, 2011.

The start of a new month and the start of a new weight range. Lately, I had stalled with my weight loss and I was hoping the new workout would drop me down out of the 1.somethings to the 0.somethings. Today that happened and for the first time in over four months I was able to enter a new and lower number on my tracking sheet.

I went down a whopping .7kgs this week or 1.5lbs.

I am now down 3.5kgs overall or 7.7lbs. Very exciting! Check out the update to my weight loss graph.