Saturday, May 12, 2012

Shopping for Clothes

For the last month I have done nothing for my fitness other than the occasional walk or weigh-in (I regained the 10lbs I lost since I started blogging) and this has put me in a funk.  I am the only one to blame for my lack of dedication, but most days I feel like blaming anyone and anything but myself.

I have, however, been very focused on my mental and emotional health.  I feel like I don't get to workout because I have no "me time" to do things that I want to do or even time to rest.  I have been going out and socializing with new and old friends more often, attending events and activities, and spending more time vegging on the couch.  I have been very happy.

That catches you up to this week when a friend passed on a beautiful coat to me that is now too big for her (Yeah Rachel!!!).  I could achieve a goal of wearing this coat next season if I dedicate myself to my fitness.  In the meantime I went shopping to update my Spring work clothing collection.  I must say that I love clothes shopping most of the time.  I love browsing through new clothes and trying on things that are "not me" at first glance but surprise me once put on.  I hate poor customer service though.

I went to a clothing chain store where I had some style money and a rewards gift certificate for in order to save myself some money (as I hate how little clothing I can buy for double the price my husband pays ie. Chris t-shirt $6, Amber t-shirt $20).  I gathered at least 6 items before someone came to start a change room for me and then I did not hear from a salesperson until I checked out over an hour later.  I managed to fill my change room and try on more than 30 items of clothing and leave my change room twice to fetch other sizes and items and I never once was asked if I needed help.  And...there was only one other person in the store!

Needless to say I wanted to take advantage of my free money so I purchased clothes anyway.  I bought a short summer dress, t-shirt, pinstripe capris, dressy work tank, and three pairs of underwear.  Those eight items would have cost me over $220, but I got them for a grand total of $130 - still far too pricey in my opinion.

The end result though of spending an hour with myself in a dressing room trying on so many items of clothing is that for the first time in a long time I really wanted my 20 year old body back or at least my 20 year old tummy.  My body wasn't perfect then (I do not desire it to be either) but it certainly looked better in clothing - particularly dresses.  So...I have rescheduled the gym into my life three times a week starting this week and have informed my husband (he is a great supporter) that this summer my priority is me and my fitness.  I have decided that I will be coming first for two whole months and that my world will not fall apart around me while I take care of me.  Looking forward to blogging about what I can accomplish when I switch my priorities.


  1. Hi Amber! Well, I was wondering what you were doing!

    I feel the same way about wanting a smaller size on me back. I actually think my clothing is fine right now. How I look in them depends entirely upon my weight.

    You're right, your life won't fall apart around you. That was my own big food revelation lately. Yes, I feel grumpier at times when things aren't going perfectly and I don't eat a treat to soothe that. But nothing has fallen apart whatsoever while I lost some pounds.

    There's a lot of self-love that can be found in the gym, if you are receptive to it. Self-exploration too. Maybe this summer, you will have some time to putz around in the gym. I have found that my time spent slowing down and working on exercises has been very good for me. I spend a lot of time alone in the gym, just listening to what I want. You know, you could probably use time to just listen to yourself. :D

    Great plan! And make sure you do the stuff *you!* want to do, not what Chris likes, because exercise is personal!

    :-) Marion

  2. Yay, I am excited about this, and this blog post too! I know exactly how much work goes into making this type of change and I know that you have the ability and will to do it. Stick to it, do your thing and the results you desire will follow!!