Monday, December 26, 2011

A New Wardrobe

December 26, 2011.

Chris ever so politely reminded me that it has been about 6 weeks since I went to the gym. I not so politely told him to back off. I've been sick and I've been busy working, but these should not be excuses because I wouldn't let either of these stand in my way of doing something I really want to do. But, that is the key - it has to be something I really want to do and right now the gym is not that something. Right now the something I really want to do is sit at home and do nothing - no housework, no marking, no lesson planning, no errand running - just lay on the couch and watch tv, read a book, or play a "Nintendo" game. However, I have spent a lot of money on the gym and I have committed to returning to it on Wednesday.

This brings me to the new wardrobe. I vaguely remember putting workout clothes on my Christmas list because I wanted a pari of capri yoga pants. Chris, in an effort to remotivate me, gave me money to go buy new workout clothes. So today I traipsed out to the store and dealt with Boxing Day attitude to make the most of my dollars. I bought a workout top, yoga capris, workout shorts, yoga pants with zippered pockets, and a bathing suit tank. I saved 25% off everything, cashed in a $25 gift card and still my bill came to a whopping $125!

Plans for Wednesday...return to my 3 day workout routine by picking up wherever I left off, followed by a swim in the pool.

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