Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fitness Goals 2012

December 27, 2011.

I don't like to set goals for fitness because the majority of the time I do not meet them (even when I set easy ones). Past experience dictates this over and over again - note the lack of follow up on my November goals regarding yoga poses. But, my husband has posed the question to blogland and I have started to think about it. To make it more plausible that I will be successful I have decided to write a list of goals and my achievement of 75% of this list will indicate success (that's a level 3, meets the standard, or 'B' in Ontario elementary school grading).

My list:
1) re-learn how to swim laps properly in the pool, swim laps for 30 continuous minutes 25 times.
2) lose 25+ lbs
3) lose 5%+ body fat
4) run the 5km Warrior Dash or Mudnewton
5) learn a dance routine
6) go to the gym at least twice a week for one whole month
7) go to the gym at least three times a week for one whole month
8) do not allow more than one week to go by without a workout
9) lose 1+ dress size
10) blog weekly
11) weigh-in weekly
12) meet with Jodi (my trainer) once a month
13) workout with Chris once a month
14) go for a walk once a week
15) cook 12 new recipes
16) drink 5 or less cans of pop a week
17) track my calorie intake for 3 consecutive days on 4 separate occasions
18) try something new and sporty
19) walk 10km with a friend
20) do 50 girl pushups without stopping
21) post Yoga pictures
22) improve flexibility, definitely to be able to touch toes, but aim to do the splits
23) lose 5 inches off my waist
24) bike to Lakefield and back

25) wall sit for 2 minutes
26) hold a plank for 2 minutes
27) meet and make friends with one new person from the gym
28) go canoeing and don't fall out of the canoe

I may add more, but this is a start. Feel free to tell me your goals and I may adopt some of them.

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