Friday, March 1, 2013

I Feel Thinner...and Apparently Look It Too!

Last night I was standing infront of the mirror and I thought "Hey, I look thinner".  I haven't lost any inches, but I felt like I looked thinner because I felt thinner.  I felt like I was more fit and healthier.  I'm understanding why Chris spends so much time checking himself out in the mirror.  He has even taken to subconsciously posing when he stands up from the couch before he proceeds with his mission.  It's actually quite funny to watch when he stands up like he is Superman called to action.

I was at the chiropractor today and as I was leaving she stopped me and said "you're looking good, did you lose weight?"  It brightened my day.  I am feeling more confident (I know, who thought that was possible?) so I am portraying that, standing taller, and I'm radiating health.  People are noticing.  I am noticing.  I'm only 10 days into my challenge and I already know the answer to my question is yes, I am happier.

It hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows though.  I have made late night trips to the gym because I put off going for as long as possible in the day.  I've made extra trips into town because I squeezed something in before a workout.  And, tonight I went for a bare minimum swim of 12 laps (almost not worth going, but I went which is an improvement) because my back is killing me and my shins are sore from yesterday's run.  Did I mention I ran a full kilometre before walking?  Or that I ran 7.5 minutes straight at 5mph?  Or that I beat my record by several minutes completing my 3 miles in 24 minutes?  That's right...I'm awesome!!!


  1. Hi Amber! Yes, I believe what you're saying about you already looking much better. Getting in better shape looks almost immediately better. Even a person's body posture/carriage looks so much better. Wonderful for you! And I hope you're not letting Chris hog the mirror at your house.:D

    Amber, those are great accomplishments posted up there. Of course you are sore! I'm almost sore just reading about it. :D

    You sound very proud and happy with yourself. Sure, going to the gym and watching calories is technically harder, but aren't you so very much happier, more great looking, and more amazing feeling? It's worth it! That's how I feel too.

    :-) Marion

  2. Is it too early to say 'I told you so!'? This post fills me with happiness and pride! Yay Amber!