Sunday, May 19, 2013

Summer Brings About Change

Summer is finally approaching and with that my try-a-tri creeps closer and closer upon me.  What will I be doing different over the next few months to train?

For starters I'm not sure if I'm doing the try-a-tri or if I'm going to tackle the duathlon instead.  I've convinced a friend to run with me during the week using the Couch to 5k program (with some modifications-but always pushing for improvement) and if we can run enough by the middle of July we will enter the duathlon together.  We've found the increases in running intervals to be too much for our fitness level.  It was impossible to go from 1.5 minute runs to 3 minute runs so we bumped it to 2 minutes.  She's not so sure she wants to swim otherwise we'd already be a go for the try-a-tri. 

Chris posted about the budget cuts we've made to focus on getting rid of our debt and creating some savings.  One of the cuts will likely be to my gym membership.  For now I have it suspended for the summer as I have been mostly training outside for running and cycling.  I will pay to go to the pool if needed and I can do online yoga videos while at work or home.  If you have ideas for the winter months please let me know.

I clicked a link for a new-to-me blog the other day because of the praise this blogger received from someone whose opinion I admire and trust.  Check out Connie's blog because she is doing amazing!  I liked that she had a tab about what she is eating.  I've seen this on a few blogs and I usually question how healthy the meals are that have been posted to some fitness blogs.  As Chris and I just finished creating a 6-week dinner menu for the summer months to keep us out of restaurants I thought it made total sense to post a "What I'm Eating" tab as well.  You can see our whole menu by clicking my page tabs up top.  Let me know what you think about our meal plan.  What do you like?  What would you change?  What do you have questions about?

I am at my lowest weight in a long time.  I have my sights on hitting 25lbs lost by the end of the summer.  All this running is doing wonders for me.  Baseball, cycling, and swimming must be helping too.


  1. That's great, and looks like the budget cuts won't be too hard on you. Hope to get some time to maybe do some biking together. Would be nice. Tom and I just need some air in the tires and we hope to start again soon. We've both missed biking around ;)

    What's the couch program? And look forward to checking out the meal ideas when I'm on my computer again as it's tricky on mobile :)

    You're both doing really great!


  2. Hi Amber! Ah, that's pretty wonderful to be at your lowest weight in a long time. I bet that makes you quite happy. :D

    Our family recently got rid of cable t.v. and went from family gym membership down to just me as a single membership with no towel service. I also eat so cheap: mostly egg whites, generic plain oatmeal, tuna cans, apples, oranges, veggies, milk. Almost everyone I know is cutting down their budget.

    You two are so incredibly organized to have that many dinners planned! I'm not really a cook so nothing much to plan.

    :-) Marion