Saturday, January 7, 2012

Goal Update

January 7, 2012.

One week has passed this year and I am determined to meet my goals. Here is my progress so far...

My list:

4) run the 5km Warrior Dash or Mudnewton - Chris (my husband) has asked for fellow competitors. I went as far as looking up the Warrior Dash website, previewing the course, and noting that I do not have to make my Early Bird decision until May - what a relief.

6) go to the gym at least twice a week for one whole month - I had plans to go once last week and didn't make it so this goal is shot for the month (perhaps I should revise it to 4 weeks in a row?)

8) do not allow more than one week to go by without a workout - one week has gone by so my butt is going to the gym tomorrow

10) blog weekly - goal achieved so far!

11) weigh-in weekly - oops, I forgot in my rush to go the bank today, tomorrow will have to do

14) go for a walk once a week - does 2,600 steps around the mall count? Sadly, I think not. Ooh, but I did walk downtown and back with a friend on Tuesday. Yay me!!!

18) try something new and sporty - I have plans to start snowboarding next month

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