Sunday, February 5, 2012

How to Schedule in the Gym?

February 5, 2012.

I ask my husband this question all the time. How do I fit the gym into my schedule? His response is always the same - you don't fit the gym into your schedule you fit your schedule around the gym. That's all well and good, but he works a 7-4 kinda job with weekends off. I would like to share my upcoming weekly schedule with you to see if anyone can help me out. Where would you fit in the gym?

My weeks are always different, but this a typical week in terms of being busy. I have not scheduled in daily chores of house cleaning. I try to fit those in where I can and thankfully have a wonderful husband who keeps house too.

9am make pancake breakfast
Work 11am-11pm

Clean out car, buy necessities at store (1.5 hours)
10:15-4:15pm Teach
4:30-5:30pm Tutor
grab dinner on the go
6:15-8:30pm Ladies Darts League
8:30pm grocery shop
check in with husband for quality time
10pm bed

5:45am wake up and leave for 1.5 hour drive to work
7:45-1:30pm Work and travel home
lunch on go and check on dad's house
2:15-6pm get together with friend to purge my house of clutter
6pm-7pm make and eat dinner with husband
7-10pm (free time to spend with husband?)
10pm bed

6:30am wake up
7:30-3:30pm Teach
3:30-4:30 (free time?)
4:45pm chiropractor
6pm (likely tutoring, but not scheduled yet so possible gym?)
8pm-9pm make and eat dinner with husband
9-10pm relax
10pm bed

Thursday (my "day off" from work)
8am wake up
9am Dr. appointment
10-10:45am (free time?)
11am-noon massage!!!
lunch, check in on dad's house, test treadmill (time for gym, but who wants to after a massage on their only day off this week?)
4:30-5:30pm make and eat dinner
6:15-8:30pm Tutor
8:30-10pm time with husband, lesson planning for teaching, make treats for "treat day" at work tomorrow
10pm bed

6:30am wake up and get ready for work
7:30-4:30pm Teach
5-6pm Tutor
6-9pm Monthly Games Night with friends
9-midnight (free "me" time while Chris is at hockey)
1am bed

7am wake up and gym!!!
11am-11pm Work


  1. You are definitely a busy woman. Though I do agree with your husband about scheduling life around workouts. Just by looking at this you do have some wiggle room, but as you said you didn't include everyday household chores and other errands that pop up. For me having a workout schedule on my calendar is really useful. For those days when I know I can't do a run or go to the gym I try to include something nontraditional like a hike or a walk with my son. Last week we went ice skating. So maybe altering how you perceive a workout might help. For example your workout doesn't have to be all at once. If you could squeak out 10 minutes here and there 6 times a day that would be an hour of activity. Things like running up and down stairs, lifting weights and walking can be tailored for shorter times.

    On Wednesday and Friday you have a 6:30 wake up time. Maybe wake up at 6 and do a half hour workout at home. On Thursday if you get out of the doctor's early enough maybe go to the gym before the massage or again how about an earlier wake up time.

    Of course I don't know what your sleep routine is or how far away your gym is from your house, work, etc. As a former teacher I also know how time consuming lesson planning is so believe me I totally get where you're coming from. It is a really challenging thing to make fitness a priority. It's been 2 full years of regular workouts for me. I shoot for 6 days a week and that way I have some options if I can't make it on one of the days. Working full time at night and staying home with my son all day gives me very little time as well. I had to get up at 4:20 last Thursday morning to fit my workout in, but I did it and I felt really good the rest of the day

    Good luck! I look forward to hearing how things go.

  2. Wednesday - gym after work and before the tutoring since you are cancelling the Bone Cracker appointment.

    Thursday - wake up at 7 and hit the gym before the day gets going

    Friday - no gym time

    Saturday go to the gym in the morning as planned

    Sunday - wake up with me and go to the gym before the pancake breaky

  3. Thanks Aimee and Chris. I managed to run a bit on the treadmill at my dad's last night. Not as long as I would have liked as it took me 20 minutes to figure out where the power button was on it (that was an exercise in itself). Tonight I'm hoping to jump on the treadmill again. I might make three workouts this week after all (with a little change in mentality of what defines a workout). :)

  4. Awesome. Way to go Amber! Don't you hate when something that should be easy just isn't?