Sunday, February 5, 2012

Weekly Weigh-in 2012 Week 5 and Running

February 5, 2012.

I am frustrated this week! I have set goals for myself and I am not accomplishing them to the degree I would like. Plus, I have totally fallen off the workout band wagon.

This week I'm up .7kgs in weight. Not a surprise since I haven't been to the gym in ages.

I did, however, achieve part of my goal for the week. I walked the 1km around my block and it took me 9 minutes 22 seconds. This was walking at a pace that did not require much effort, but was faster than my typical doddle around the neighbourhood to enjoy the weather and the sightseeing. It was also done on icy sidewalks in winter boots. This means I know for sure I will finish my 1km run in under 10 minutes and can certainly aim for a goal of under 7 minutes. I believe my husband runs 1km in 4 minutes 23 seconds roughly.

On the upside, I have gained a running partner. Yeah me! One of my husband's work ladies would like to get into running again and has offered to run the 1km with me. She would like to start off by training with 1 min run, 1 min walk alternating for the 1km. This is where I'm at if I push myself so I think it's a good match. Plus she is super nice.

On the downside, I really screwed up my back just over a week ago. My lower left back was super sore and I've been told by my chiropractor that I have swelling of the sacs around the vertabrae there in addition to having the vertabrae locked up. I then slipped on the ice one icy snow day on my way to work and did my back in even worse. This has kept me from the gym to test out the treadmill. My dad got a treadmill for Christmas though and I'm house sitting to take advantage of his hot tub so I will try out his treadmill this week in case I have to wuss out.

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