Saturday, February 18, 2012

See Saw Up and Down

I taught a couple of periods of gym and music yesterday to my kindergarten and grade 1 classes. They were pretty wound up which resulted in me changing my activity for the day. What did my genius mind come up with on the spot????

Chair aerobics!

I sang this song "See saw, up and down, in the air, and on the ground" over and over and over again as we stood up from our tiny kids chairs and sat back down again with the song.

ie. See (stand up) saw (sit down), up (stand up) and down (sit down)

We did this many, many, many times. We then repeated it by raising one or both legs while seated and one or both arms while seated. We then repeated the standing up sitting down portion by adding a jump in the air each time.

I was a little out of breath as I was singing while doing all of this activity for a full 100 minutes between my two classes. The kids loved it and I felt great!

Then came today...I climbed out of bed and Oh My God my legs were so sore and stiff. It felt like I had done a hundred squats. Then I realized I had done way more than that. Teaching yesterday was a way better workout than I could have gotten at the gym.

Have you ever surprised yourself with a workout from an unexpected place or activity?

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