Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fitness Goals 2012 Status Update

Fitness Goals 2012 Check-in

I've realized that I am falling down on the job of keeping my goals in mind because I set far too many of them in an attempt to meet success (by achieving 75% of my goals). I thought it was about time to check-in and see where I was at to date. Goals that are not mentioned below have not been attempted yet.

5) Some students introduced me to Just Dance 3 videos on YouTube. I learned several routines. I highly recommend them to add some cardio variety to your home workout or just for some fun to your day. I have been using them to teach dance to my kindergarten to grade 4 students ever since some students shared "Pump It" with me.
18) I tried something new and sporty – running outside!!!
19) A friend and I went for a 10km walk and I have a few other friends who would like to do this once the weather warms up.

8) Sadly, I have not accomplished this goal as on more than one occasion I skipped a week or more at the gym/or a workout.
11) I have not weighed in weekly because of a busy schedule. I’m alright with failing this one as I weigh in when I need a boost of confidence or a kick in the butt to get motivated.
12) I have not met with Jodi (my trainer) once a month, but I will be meeting with her this month to train for running.
14) I failed to go for a walk once a week because I hate the cold.
16) I’m still working on this one even though I failed to drink 5 or less cans of pop a week.

Currently in progress:

1) I have yet to go swimming. I think I will start this week.
2) I have lost 7 of 25 lbs of fat.
4) I will not be running a 5km race, but I will be running a 1km race in just over a month.
10) I’m on track with blogging weekly.
13) I workout in proximity of Chris once a month.

15) I have cooked 1 of 12 new recipes
25) I can wall sit for 45 seconds of the 2 minutes I am aiming towards.
27) I met and followed up with one new friend from the gym. Let’s see if it sticks!

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  1. I like Just Dance 3 too! I get pretty good scores, but can't get those legs to do what I want when I'm focusing on the arms so hard.

    10K walk--very good!

    I cooked eggplant this weekend, trying new things. I could have cooked it a bit longer. :D

    Overall, a great list of goals.

    :-) Marion