Saturday, March 3, 2012

Just Keep Running, Just Keep Running...

I hopped on the scale yesterday after many weeks away. I didn't see the point of weighing in when I hadn't been exercising. But, yesterday, I thought "Hey, I've been running a bit. I think it's time to start fresh along with my new fitness goal." So I hopped on the scale and low and behold I had dropped a few pounds.

This morning I hopped on again expecting to see a slight rise as I was convinced the scale was playing tricks on me the day before. It turns out it was...but in a good way. Today I dropped another couple pounds. All in all the scale said I dropped 2.4 kgs since my last Wii Fit recording. However, I apparently did not save my actual last weigh in as my Excel Spreadsheet says I lost 1.7 kgs. That's still a whopping 3.7 lbs!!!

Chris' response to my enthusiasm and surprise was "Now that you're back on track just keep doing what you're doing." All I pictured upon hearing his words was Dori from Finding Nemo saying Just keep running, just keep running over and over again. And so tomorrow I run...

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  1. Hee, if you ever find the equation that leads to gym-love (or addiction, in my case), please let me know! I've been running for ... a while (though again, not 'in love' with it), but hitting the gym is new for me. I'm hoping to continue with both, now that the weather is getting nicer.
    Also, I adore the Running Room for introducing me to people, giving me reasons to run, and general encouragement. Er... now I just have to join it out here. :P