Sunday, March 25, 2012

New Shoes = New Knowledge

I finally took the advice other runners have been giving me and I went out and bought new shoes from the Running Room. They are a supportive running shoe - Asics GT-2170 G-TX and they thankfully look cute enough that I would have bought them on a normal shoe shopping expedition. They cost me $150 so they better be worth it.

I plan to run in them tomorrow to find out if they make running that much more better, but for now I am more than satisfied with just the experience of purchasing them.

I had immediate and personal service at the Running Room. My walk was assessed quickly and I proceeded to strut my stuff in about a dozen different pairs of shoes. I learned more about my foot and my footwear in that 20 minutes than I have ever known. But, the highlight of my trip resulted in an AHA moment! This was the moment where my shoewearing days changed forever.

Take a look at the shoe above and note the two topmost shoe eyelets. I've always wondered why shoes have these two holes as it laces the shoe oddly, but as my husband says I'm a conformist so most of the time I lace my shoes up to the top hole although sometimes I remain annoyed by the empty hole and leave it unlaced. My AHA moment taught me the purpose of this hole and I learned to tie my shoes properly for the third (yes this is the third new way I've learned) time in my life.

If you look at the picture above you will note that by using the top hole you can create a loop that you can pass the opposite lace through before tying up your shoes normally. Thic allows you to cinch the heel tighter and prevent your foot from sliding up out of the back of the shoe. I have a narrow heel and because of this have never been able to wear sexy high heeled shoes unless they have straps to hold my feet in, but now I have a solution to at least make my running shoes more comfortable. I am thrilled.

Here's the link to the shoelace tying video I watched that taught me to tie my shoes properly for the second time in my life. If you want to keep your shoelaces from coming undone or you like to see a straight bow because you're a little OCD like me then it's worth watching.


  1. Eugh, you're reminding me that it's about time I bought a new pair too.

    I'm glad you had a good experience with the Running Room! And congrats on the shoes, they're very cute. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing this informative post !