Sunday, September 23, 2012

I'm Changing and So Is My Blog

Yesterday I set a goal of doing 50 crunches every hour during my 12 hour work shift.  This in itself was bizarre because it is not something I would normally do - challenge myself, especially at work.  I managed to complete the task and through that process learned something new.  I am more like my husband than I realized and I may have more of a desire to be fit than I thought.

You see, I set my goal as 50 crunches an hour because I thought this would be impossibly hard after the first two sets.  I honestly did not think I would complete the challenge, but wanted to set my sights high.  Surprising fact: it was super easy!  I finished each set quickly and thought "wow that wasn't hard at all".  I used to be sweaty and gasping for breath after doing something like that.  Then the challenge got easier throughout the day.  Mind-boggling!

By the end of the night I was thinking "if I'm going to do this tomorrow (yes, I know, I thought about doing it again the next day -another first) I'm going to have to increase it to 100 crunches an hour so I can feel the burn".  That didn't sit well with my brain though.  I was actually contemplating increasing my physical exercise because I wanted to feel like I had put in hard work.  That is so not me.  Or was not me in the past I guess.  I had to chat that out with Chris because it surprised me so much to say "450 crunches in one day is not enough for me anymore".  I never thought those words would come from my mouth.  I think Chris was pleased to see me sway to his side of the mental fitness journey.  I, however, was a bit disturbed by it.

That leads me to the new direction of my blog posts.  A friend has been in stitches hearing about my recants of Chris' and my fitness talks.  She thinks it is hilarious to hear my descriptions and expressions we have for each other when we just don't get each others' thinking.  So, Chris and I are trying to work out the kinks and then we will begin posting our "fitness talks" on our blogs.  You can read our conversations from both our perspectives.  Maybe that will help others who have asked understand how we support each other and learn from each other when it comes to being healthier and more active.


  1. Congratulations on the crunches Amber. We will both make our goal weight eventually.

  2. Listen to you!!! Awesome job on the crunches. I actually kind of like that feeling you get the next day after doing a challenging workout. I try to change things up a bit each week just so I can feel that burn. Weird right?!

    I really love the support between your two blogs. I think it will be very cool to hear about your individual perspectives on fitness.

  3. My perspective involves running from Zombies!

    1. I've been told by a number of people that they only way they will run is if someone or something is chasing them so I say whatever gets you moving!