Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Every Hour Ab Challenge

Chris recently took up a touchdown push-up challenge where he completed 1000 push-ups in one day.  I felt I needed a bit of this inspiration, but push-ups are too hard (especially on the concrete floor at work) so he he suggested I pick something else to do once an hour to get me out of my office chair.  I said I'd think about it, but what I really thought was "Yeah right, there is no way I'm doing anything every hour I'm at work.  I need to be able to answer the phone lines and dispatch".

But, here I am at work for 12 hours, reading about Chris' Run For Your Life Zombie run and feeling like I need to do something as I missed the gym yesterday and won't go again until Monday.  So hour number one ends and I climb down onto the floor and bang out 50 crunches (10 each of upper, left side, right side, lower, and back extension).  That wasn't too hard and it didn't take much longer than an online tv commercial break.  So I create a tracking sheet and think maybe I can do this every hour...maybe.  That would be 550 abs by the end of my shift.  A little daunting, but do-able.

I've now completed 4 hourly sets of abs.  I've discovered that an hour is not a long time when you are working and trying to do something on the hour.  It's making my shift go by quickly and my back is hurting less as I go along.  Somehow the ab crunches are becoming easier rather than harder as the day progresses.  That just boggles my mind.

Update: I managed to do my 50 crunches every hour at work for the most part.  It got super busy at one point which threw off my times so I got 9 sets complete instead of 11.  Still decent though.  And, in the process I learned something the next post to find out what.

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