Monday, September 10, 2012

List your 5 favourite healthy living / fitness blogs

I read my husband's blog a lot and he has recently taken up a new challenge from Fitness Cheerleader where you post to your blog everyday for the month of September.  His topic for today had me thinking about which blogs I visit the most to get my much needed dose of positive encouragement or need for relatability.  Here are 5 of my latest blog check-ins:

Wisdom Courage Power is my husband's blog.  Like he said, he would not get offended wither if I didn't post his, but I genuinely find him hilarious and I read his blog the most.

All the Weigh is Kenlie's blog and I participate in many of her FMM challenges and am always amazed by her ability to speak up for others even when it puts her into an uncomfortable position.  If she lived near me I would totally try to make friends with her.

Never Seconds is about the coolest blog I've read recently.  VEG is a young girl who began posting pictures and nutritional information about her school lunches (seriously go back to the start of her blog and begin reading there).  It's so cool to see what she, and then others around the world, have for their school lunch program.  She took a stand with the help of her dad about making her school lunches more healthy.  But, then she didn't stop there.  No...she decided to start raising money for Mary's Meals to provide food to children and next thing you know she raised £113,912.06 and is building an entire kitchen with the funds.  How awesome is that!

Affection for Fitness is Marion's blog and it is one of the first blogs that really got me into reading about health, fitness and exercise.  She's one smart cookie so her blogs always get me thinking.

Amazing in Motion is Aimee's blog.  She always leaves me comments for motivation and sends me tips for training.  Her journey through running has been amazing to follow.  Plus she seems likes a pretty awesome mom when I read about her adventures with her son.

Honourable mentions: I Dream of Skinny , Back to MILF Status , and The Fat Girl's Guide to Life (which is a blog that is no longer posted to, but was really awesome when Mandy kept it up).

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  1. Thank you so much Amber. I'm flattered. Those are some incredibly inspiring blogs. Hope you are doing well.