Monday, July 2, 2012

I'm Ready

T minus 1 sleep until I get my butt (and more) into shape.  I'm so ready this time.  I took my measurements today with a seamstress' tape and will weigh in on Tuesday morning before I begin my workouts.  I even created a tracking chart for my cardio workouts to keep on file at the gym for the next 2.5 months.  I've got my new running shoes, swim goggles, a nose plug, and a case of water.  I'd like to get a water bottle holder for my bike for when I get to lengthier rides, but otherwise I think I'm set.  I've also decided to buy Just Dance 3 for Wii for the days when I can't get outside or make it to the gym.

If it wasn't a holiday weekend I would stock my fridge with fresh veggies Monday night for my brown bag lunches.  That means Tuesday will be an expensive pre-made salad from the grocery store with a stop in later to pick up the week's groceries.  I think I'm on track.  Looking forward to posting the progress next weekend.

Here are my before shots.

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