Thursday, July 12, 2012

When Life Gets in the Way

I was doing awesome my first week of commitment to me and the gym.  I got my workout in everyday.  Then this week came and I hit a new low by not being the committed person I usually am.  I got back into the routine last night though with a late night dance workout alongside my ever supportive hubby and hit the dance floor again today after an extremely exhausting and unplanned day.

Working half days has not stopped my life from getting in the way of having "me time" and I am willingly letting it do so at the cost of my health.  But, the new change is that I'm grumbling about it afterwards.  So as annoying as my husband can seem when he asks me about my day at the gym (especially when I haven't gone) and when he encourages me to drag my butt of the couch and do the workout I had planned I certainly appreciate it - that is on the inside because on the outside I've been expressing a much bitchier and defensive attitude about it.

I've found it hard to receive his questions and comments and words of encouragement as support (which it truly is) and instead have felt like I'm reporting to someone, getting questioned and judged, and am being checked in on.  I don't know what the answer is to how I feel other than to continue going and as I become more proud and excited about what I'm doing the more I will enjoy sharing it on a daily basis.  We'll see what the future brings.

With tomorrow being another busy day I hope to do a gym day as I miss the treadmill (yes, miss it) and am excited to run again.  Having missed two gym days this week I also plan to go to the gym Saturday.  Next week my goal is to finally get out swimming so I'll see if that works out.


  1. Hi Amber! Well, I love Chris's attitude--for himself--but I think it would be impossible to live up to. So I get your resentment of it.

    You have to workout for *you* and only you. It will never become a happy thing any other way.

    However, isn't it nice that someone actually cares about your health? Sometimes, we need positive peer pressure to get our butts doing what they should be doing.

    I think--go to the gym with lower expections and the plan of having fun. Getting to the gym is the hardest thing. Then have some good music in the ears, so no matter what, you have a good time.

    :-) Marion