Monday, July 9, 2012

Is It Possible?

After one week on my new plan I have been reminded what I love and what I hate about starting up a fitness  and nutrition routine.  Some things have even surprised me to the point I am asking myself is it even possible?

Things I Love

  • losing weight
  • more energy
  • feeling better
  • doing more
  • trying new foods/eating more of the foods I already love
  • beating my goals

Things I Hate

  • higher metabolism means more trips to the washroom
  • feeling hungry (only because I'm burning more, not because I'm eating less)
  • not sleeping as well 
  • multiple showers in a day
  • getting sweaty
  • more laundry
  • not meeting my goals

Things That Surprised Me

  • feeling full sooner when eating
  • craving healthy foods
  • I threw out a chocolate bar and a donought because they tasted "too sweet"
  • I drank Coke Zero and liked it


  1. Yay, I'm so proud of you. Especially the surprises part!