Saturday, July 21, 2012


So much for the summer of me.  After one really good week of working out 5 days a week I had two weeks where I did almost nothing outside of packing and unpacking boxes, working, and visiting my grandma in the hospital.  Even when I had time to go workout I was exhausted and lacked the motivation because I wasn't able to keep the routine.  Starting Monday for the most part I am working only one hour a day and have to drive into town where the gym is in order to do this (we are moving 15 minutes north) so I should be able to get my routine back.

It is no surprise that for the last two weeks when I haven't worked out I have almost regained the weight I lost in the first week, although I am surprised I've still maintained some weight loss.  That brings me to swimming.  I had a good chunk of time off on a day when Chris was home sick.  I packed and visited people and Chris urged me to go to the gym because it would make me feel better.  I kept putting it off and told him I would go swimming later.  When swimming time came I didn't want to go.  He bugged me until I went anyway telling me I would like it once I got there and in the pool.  I didn't believe him I was so tired.

I hopped in the pool and did 30 minutes of laps.  I felt good after the first one and was happy I went.  I felt sore after the second one - I forgot how many muscles you use when swimming different strokes.  I did front crawls, front breaststrokes, back strokes, just legs, just arms (that was hard) and I was happy with my progress.  About 20 laps and 5 minutes of treading water.  Next time I need to remember my goggles so I can swim faster.  I'm looking forward to swimming again this summer after our move on Wednesday.

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