Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My Virtual Model

Update Day One: Day one of the gym I managed to complete 30 minutes of my 1 hour cardio workout.  I did everything at the same level I left off at months ago, but had to stop because it was one of those days when your body fights you the whole way.  Ever had one of those days where you constantly feel like you have to pee, but your body disagrees with you (likely some dehydration)?  That's what I had the whole time I was running, cycling, and on the elliptical.  Total uncomfortableness, but I was happy to stick it out for half the time.  I lost 2lbs overnight as a result of the workout and sticking to my nutrition plan.  I even resisted the urge to go to DQ, but it was hard.

Update Day Two: I chose to try out my Just Dance 3 Wii game.  It turns out is has a fitness tracker on it so I took up the challenge and completed 30 minutes of sweaty, but super fun dancing.  Again stuck to my nutrition plan.  Passed up DQ, but had some popcorn as a healthier substitute for my snack craving.

Chris and I had quite the informative discussion today.  I need to think about it some more and the I will post about it as we discussed goal setting, meeting our expectations, why we make the choices we do, how we view ourselves, and where we are at in our fitness mindset.  It's a lot to digest.  One piece that came from it was a recommendation to try out a virtual model to see the difference between where I am now and where I want to be.  I did this years ago for the purpose of clothes shopping so I thought it would be cool to try. Here are my pics.

Current Representation

Achievable Goal Weight


  1. I love the virtual model. So cool. I think your achievable goal weight is fantastic. You look healthy and fit, very realistic.

  2. Passing up DQ? That IS will power. The thing about working out muscles AND will power? They get stronger the more you use them. Keep it up!

  3. Thanks Aimee and Erin! I hear you started a blog Erin. I will be subscribing to you soon.