Saturday, January 5, 2013

Blog-a-day Challenge

I don't have the time or dedication to do a blog-a-day challenge.  Plus, I think it could get boring to read depending on the topic.  But, this one looked interesting so I am going to take up the challenge by posting about multiple topics every few days.  My hope is that it will give me some inspiration on my non-gym days and get me blogging more frequently.

I came across it on She's Losing It which is a blog my husband got me onto.

1. New

I love tall black boots.  I loved them before everyone started wearing them paired with skinny jeans, jeggings, tights, etc.  I have had a pair in my shoe collection for as long as I can remember up until the past few years.  Why did they suddenly drop out of my wardrobe?
One: Tall boots have to fit over your calves and I have big calves (18 inches to be exact).  Yes, my calves are big because my body is big, but my calves are also big because they are toned and muscly - much to my husband's surprise when he first massaged them.
Two: I have been unable to find boots in standard shoe stores that will zip up.  I used to have a winter pair from Sears that laced up the back with an extension panel, but nothing since.
The good news: I shopped at a Pennington's Superstore in London, Ontario that carries shoes to my surprise.  And, low and behold they had two sexy pairs of tall black boots in my size.  I am now the proud owner of knee high black leather boots with 3 inch heels!  I tower over my husband in them as we are the same height on solid ground, but I feel sexy and that makes me feel happy.

2. Two

Two, two, two.  What am I going to say about two?  I have no idea (pause to think).  What do I have two of?  Two eyes, two ears, two hands, two feet, two boobs.  Boobs!  Chris and I went to the movies last night and watched This Is 40.  It was hilarious (even Chris admitted he liked it).  There are many scenes that focus in on the sex appeal of one actress' boobs, including a scene discussing the changes that occur to a women's breasts over the years.

For the most part I like my boobs.  My husband loves my boobs.  He claims I don't show them off enough, which working as an elementary school teacher I have to admit that is an intentional choice when selecting my wardrobe.  The days I don't like my boobs are the days when I workout.  When I'm running on the treadmill, or lifting weights, or jumping up on boxes, or doing any number of exercises, big boobs just get in the way and they hurt.  There is no way my husband can sympathize with the uncomfortableness caused by bouncing boobies.  My best solution to date it to wear a sports bra 3 cup sizes too small and just keep them squished to my body.  I have no idea what I will do when I need to replace my current workout gear.


  1. I can totally relate with both items!

    The boots I finally found resemble - but are more comfortable than - English riding boots. But that's OK. They're cute.
    I grew my boobs after my daughter was born and was still enlisted in the Navy. Let me tell you - running was no fun and during group PRT sessions, I'd turn to face the wall for jumping jacks. And now I work around truck drivers, so nada on the cleavage show!

    Good luck on the challenge - that looks like fun!

    1. Lisa - I can't even imagine what it would be like to be a woman in the Navy and I grew up in a family of military men.

    2. I enjoyed it very much. Sometimes I wish I'd stayed in, but then I'm glad I didn't since I wouldn't have met my hubby!

  2. LOL I could have written the boobs part.... Can SOOOO relate and SYMPATHIZE!! Hang in there, boobs and all!

    I love boots like that too and have the same issue..... hmmm.. wonder about checking out a trip down there and see if I can be so lucky. I hate how most cool shoes and boots down't fit my feet or calves... just crazy and so annoying!