Monday, January 7, 2013

What's New?

Fitness Club
A new club has started at my work.  It's called the Fat for Cash club.  Several teachers got together and weighed in on the scale today after paying a $100 entry fee.  In 9 weeks they will weigh in again to see who lost the largest percentage of their weight.  The winner keeps the kitty which is at $1000.  I considered entering until I realized I would have to lose over 20lbs in 9 weeks in order to compete with someone who might only need to lose 10lbs as he/she weighs a lot less.  I'm confident I could achieve this, but I didn't want to put that pressure on me.

I have always taken raw veggies and fruit to work in my lunches when I pack them, but I've put in place a plan to make sure I do this daily.  I purchased a whack of fruits and veggies Sunday morning and took the groceries with me to the office.  I chopped and bagged everything in small portions and stocked a whole shelf in my fridge upon returning home.  Now I have grab and go items for lunch to last me the week.  I can pack different dips (yogurt dressing, humus, etc.) or chop up veggies further at work to toss on a salad.  Keeping the items in smaller portions in separate bags also makes it easy to eat on the go or in a hurry on short lunch breaks.

I'm also trying to give up Coca Cola (with the exception of dinners out once a week).

A teacher gave me some good advice today based on her triathalon experience.  She said she vastly underestimated the need to train for the transition from cycling to running.  She said her legs felt like bricks more than she thought at the end of the bike portion of the race.  As running is my weakest point I did think of this and plan to take up her advice sooner rather than later as initially planned.

I also did my 3km run today in 27 minutes!  2 minutes quicker than my last run.  No cramps or side stitches either.  I even ran a full 8 minutes (1 minute longer) than last time and shortened my walk breaks between running sections.  There were a few tough spots along the way, but for the most part running today was easy.  It felt like I was doing what you're supposed to on a treadmill.

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  1. Hi Amber! You should join up! My big weight loss momentum started with a contest. I tried my hardest (with only a $10 prize), but in the end, it didn't really matter that I won--because losing the pounds was the greatest win ever. It is a fair way to do weight percentage because people with more pounds do lose pounds easier than people who are close to goal weight. So reconsider, a little positive pressure is good sometimes.

    Good job on your exercise! Getting good advice is very smart.

    :-) Marion