Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Breaking Records, Today's Menu, and Blog-a-Day Challenge

Went to the gym again today. Woohoo!  I'm keeping on track.  Cycled 10km in 24.5 minutes (1.5 minutes faster than last time).  Also, lost 1lb already this early on in the week.  I`ve also considered adding a forth gym day to do weights - we shall see.

I'm eating the same amount I normally do during the day, but somehow my mindset has me starving (tummy grumbling hungry) just because I am choosing not to snack on junk and lots of breads.

Today's menu was:
Breakfast - lemon cranberry muffin from Coffee Time, green tea
Lunches (I have 2 while teaching) - cherry tomatoes, orange bell pepper slices, carrots with hummus, and grapes, water
Snack (after gym) - mini Crispy Crunch blizzard as a treat
Snack - homemade cookie
Dinner - one proper serving of pasta with alfraedo sauce
Snack - 2 slices white toast with peanut butter, tea
Total: approx. 1700 calories (I normally eat between 1700-2000 calories because I usually drink pop)

4. Pet Peeves
I suppose this was to relate to fitness since it came from a fitness blog, but I think my number one pet peeve is open cupboard doors.  Chris leaves doors and drawers open all time - and not just when his hands are full - he simply does not care about whether or not they are shut.  I think this annoys me more because my mom and grandma are famous for this as well so I'm used to following along behind them shutting things.
Fitness-wise my pet peeve is broken equipment at the gym or a lack of available equipment.  It took me a lot of effort and self-talk to get me to the gym ready to workout.  I don't want to be thrown off track by a change in plans due to equipment failure.

5. Biggest Fear
I have a fear of falling.  I love being up high - I don`t love being up high and vulnerable to plummeting.  Step ladders are scary and so are balconies.  Airplanes and glass floors are fine.  I also fear falling while walking on slippery ice or while iceskating.  This is because it would hurt so I guess I fear pain.  I don`t do pain well.  Just ask Chris who listened to me moan in bed last night because of sore legs that wanted to move and stretch instead of stay still to go to sleep.

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  1. Yep, I hate broken stuff too. Makes it hard to stay on track and you're paying good money to have access. Might be worth a chat to them about your issues and feelings? Well done overall though! :D