Sunday, January 20, 2013

Embarrassing Situations

6. Embarrassment

I like to think I don't embarrass too easily.  Putting yourself into awkward and quirky situations kind of comes with the territory of being an elementary school teacher.  Things that would embarrass me are not usually long lasting so I found this a tough topic. 

My best answer is that being overweight itself does not embarrass me.  I actually love how I look most days.  What would embarrass me is not being able to do something I could otherwise do if I was not overweight.

Some examples: (Tell me yours)

Tight spaces My husband and friends want me to particpate in Tough Mudder with them this year.  This is something that does not interest me in the slightest and would not interest me regardless of my weight or fitness level so I'm fine with saying no.  Where my mind goes though when looking at the obstacle examples though is to the "boa constrictor".  It is a series of tunnels going down a hill to a water pit and then back up.  You have to crawl on your tummy using your arms to pull yourself through and at the bottom you have mear inches between the water line and top of the pipe.  All I can think as I look at the pictures of skinny fit people belly crawling in and out of the tubes is what would happen if I tried this race and couldn't fit in the tube - or worse yet, fit at the start but get stuck partway, or reached drowning at the bottom because there was not enough space for me to arch my back and lift my head.  Embarrassing!

Rides I went to Canada's Wonderland a few years ago.  We were waiting in line for what was then called Tomb Raider and some guy climb on and the ride attendant slammed the cage down on him multiple times.  It wouldn't close so the ride stopped and the poor guy had to hop off, leave his friends on the ride, and walk out the exit gate infront of everyone.  I don't want that to be me.

Airplanes I've been reading the blog All the Weigh by Kenlie and she has taken up the fight with airlines about making policies consistent and upfront regarding flying as an overweight person.  You should really check out her blog for the full stories.  I can't imagine going through some of the situations Kenlie has been through when trying to board a flight (especially when she is returning home on a flight she took out without an issue).  All I can think is will my ass fit into a 17 inch seat? And will the seatbelt close without an extension?  It should as it has before and nothing has changed.  But let me tell you...just because I can fit my rear into a 17 inch seat does not mean it is only 17 inches wide at the widest part of my hips.  I just know I can squish.

Furniture I was at an outdoor wedding last summer.  Ladies - have you ever tried to walk across a grassy area, wet from the night before, wearing your best stiletto heels?  You know that feeling where your heels are sinking into the groud because you are trying to balance on a tiny point and you end up tip toeing around or saying screw it and picking one pose to stand in and just let your heels sink until you are wearing flats?  Hopefully you do because that was the scenario I experienced at the wedding.  Beautiful garden chairs with teeny tiny legs set up on the lawn.  Sit down and feel the legs sink into the ground ever so slightly.  Full panic - how far will it sink?  Thankfully not much.

Skinny friends I love my friends.  I also love that most of them are oblivious to the world of plus sizes.  All my friends know I'm overweight, but a few of them are truly clueless to how much of a difference there is between my body and theirs in terms of clothing and weight.  Part of me loves shopping with my skinny friends at every store in the mall, helping them pick out clothing and having them tell me I should try something on because clearly if they wear a small or medium I must only wear a large or extra-large.  The other part of me can find this embarrassing if I'm at their house and we have a change of plans and they toss me a baggy sweater and say "just throw this on and we can go" because there is no way it is going to fit.

Rude people I have to say that if I am going to experience being overweight at a point in my life I'm glad it is now and not when I was younger.  I heard stories from friends of the things they went through and the comments they were subjected to as young children and teens.  I was never teased for how much I weighed or what my body looked like because by the time I gained a lot of weight nobody really cared.  I did however, experience one day where I was mooed at by a passing car.  That wasn't so pleasant.


  1. growing up overweight, I've definitely experience a few of these situations. As a teenager almost all of my friends were skinny and they were very oblivious to plus sizes.
    I live in the neighbourhood of Wonderland and this past summer I Was so nervous waiting in line for the new ride, Liviathon. I was worried I wasn't going to fit because the seats were the same as the Bohemoth and a few years ago (when I was a bit smaller), the seats just fit. Luckily I fit into them (barely), but a friend of mine (who's bigger in the hips) had to get off and I felt SOOO bad for her.

  2. I would have to say most of your picks are part of mine. Other ones would have to be small spaces where you squeeze by people. Nothing worse than not being able to and getting looks or comments. Usually it's the looks that hurt the most as it's what people aren't saying and your mind goes crazy with stuff too.

    I do have to say I love the way you dress, you always seem stylish and practically put together :) Would defo go shopping with you one day and i'd also have a clue on what would fit before I suggested as I am not as tiny as I once was either ;)


  3. Hi Amber! I actually relate to many of these examples. I used to tell me that they didn't matter, but down inside they really did. I think a person can truly have self-love, but that doesn't mean that these things don't still harm us.

    :-) Marion