Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Bucket List

#3 Bucket List

Funnily enough I was reading an article of 225 things you should do before you die just yesterday.  It must be a popular topic with it being the New Year and all.


1. Travel to Colorado - ski, hike, canoe, and explore
Everytime I see Colorado on television I feel drawn to it like it is the place I need to be because it has a taste of all seasons and feels like home.
2. Live on a boat for a whole summer
Chris and I talked about retiring on a cruiseship as it is cheaper than an old age home and still gives you all the benefits, but I would also spend the summer on a sailboat or cabin cruiser too.
3. Take my future kids to DisneyWorld
My husband has never gone and I went twice as a young child so I don't remember a lot (ie. the car ride down, the stay in the condo, and the days in the park are all equally exciting and memorable in my mind).
4. Backpack/Travel through Europe
5. Visit the West and East Coast of Canada

Family and Friends

1. Have 2 or 3 children
2. Renew my wedding vows on my 10th anniversary (also celebrate at least a 40th wedding anniversary with Chris)
Complete with new wedding dress, a photographer, and a small ceremony.
3. Become friends with other married couples my age that share common interests


1. Buy a dream house in a small town on lots of land with mature trees
We currently own Chris' grandma's old house in a small town over looking the lake and it is awesome, but it is not what we would pick if we could spend $100-150,000 more.
2. Attend church often enough to become part of a church family
I've worked weekends for 7 years so I haven't been to church in ages.
3. Live debt-free
$50,000 of student loans take a long time to pay off.


1. Have my own classroom of students to teach
Right now I teach multiple classes at multiple schools.
2. Retire before I'm 60 and take up volunteer work
I'm eligible at age 57!
3. Quit my part-time jobs
I love my part-time jobs most of the time, but it would be really nice to focus in on only one career.


1. Skydive
2. Scuba dive
3. Friviously bet a large sum of money on one hand of blackjack or one spin of roulette


1. Do the splits
2. Cook a gourmet meal
3. Speak French fluently
4. Master an instrument (propbably piano or guitar)
5. Learn to sing
6. Learn sleight of hand magic tricks
7. Swim with proper form, learn to dive
8. Finish an entire Sunday Toronto Star crossword puzzle on my own


  1. Lots of those things are on my list too. That's cool :)

    Do you still have/know where that article you were reading of the 225 things to do before you die was? Be interesting to have a read :D


    1. It was called something like "225 Things to Do Before You Die" and was by Lif'd online.

  2. That's a great list! There's so many places I want to travel too and colarado is one of them. A blogger I follow is always posting pictures from her trips there and it looks absolutely amazing!