Thursday, January 3, 2013

Round Two: Great Success, Internal Debates, and Inspiration

After half a day in my school library reorganizing and reshelving all the books to prepare for the next few months of elementary school I made it to the gym for round two of my try-a-tri training.  I hopped on the upright? bike (not the recumbant one), plugged in my headphones, turned on What Not to Wear, and set the bike to 'random' which gave me a series of hills to cycle.  I chose my level (10-16) based on the resistance I was feeling during the climbs so that I could keep an RPM of at least 70 at all times. 

My goal was to complete the 10km (6.21 miles) in under 30 minutes.  It usually takes me 33 minutes to do 9km on the road so I new I would have to cycle like I was trying to race and not like I was just going out for jaunt.  30 minutes would also put me in the middle of the pack for the triathalon so anything less than this through further training would make up for my expected lengthier run time.  I completed the 10km with great success!  I had a final time of just of 26 minutes.

I am beyond happy with that time as this is the first time I've felt like I could actually compete in something.  I surpassed my goal and now I have to figure out what my new one will be.  For now, I will aim to shave 30 seconds off my time per month until the race.  It will be interesting to see what my time is on the actual race course once the snow leaves Ontario in April/May.  Did I mention I hate winter?  Ugh!

Now for the internal debate...

Between the library and the gym I had an internal debate.  It was after noon and I had not had lunch.  Should I get something to eat before the gym or after?  If I get it after than I would starve while cycling and eat too close to dinner.  If I ate now than I would be buying fast food and I would be stuffed while cycling.  I decided to get Subway and cycle stuffed. 

Then I approached a gas station/coffee shop combo and pulled in thinking I could grab a muffin and a bottle of water instead because I would have a 20 minute drive to the gym from this location.  Muffins are full of lots of calories though and I'm also trying to eat less breads (not eliminate them, just reduce as they make up a large part of my current intake).  Therefore, my logic, grab the water to quench my current thirst and my future thirst while cycling and eat a chocolate bar for some interim energy at half the calories of a muffin.  I didn't say it was a good idea, but that is the way my brain thinks when I'm hungry and craving sugar.

I brought my water up to the counter and perused the chocolate bars while I waited for the person ahead of me to pay.  Should I get Reese's peanut butter cups? Or a Mr. Big because that would be more filling as a meal replacement?  No, it is too sweet.  What about a Mars bar?  Or a Crunchie?  Maybe I need a Crispy Crunch?  I really want the peanut butter cups, but they don't wash down well with water to drink.  Oh, too many choices, I'll just get the peanut butter cups.

Cue the inspiration...

Before I could reach for the chocolate I looked up and was greeted by someone who frequently inspires me through the things she has oversome and the fitness goals she sets for herself and she looked good.  Good healthy and good happy.  I even liked her outfit and wished I wore smaller clothes so I could go out and buy it on the way home.  So I didn't grab the chocolate because the smart part of my brain kicked in and thought that really wouldn't be a good idea and it decided I would just have to cycle hungry and then grab Subway (and stress not McDonald's) on the way home after.

We chatted for a bit and she told me about her newest goal - to focus on her nutrition and diet for 3 months because she can do anything for 3 months.  She was also going to continue with her current fitness (which includes horseback riding - so jealous!).  I told her of my plans to go to the gym and cycle and she told me how she loves reading my blog and my husband's (  She didn't know why, but she new that it was inspirational and great to hear from other people going through the same struggles.  I have to say it is inspirational to read other blogs too, hear feedback from others, and check in with friends about their own journeys.

Thanks for the push to do better today and good luck with your adventures.

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  1. Hi Amber! Your enthusiasm is great.

    At least you are having the internal dialogue. I had many years where I didn't have any discussion up there at all! No discussion is not good.

    I never eat before working out. Yes, that means I haven't eaten since about 6:00 p.m. the night before and I am quite hungry if I work out at noon. But being empty allows me to do exercises that would lurch food if I ate during the previous hours. So I just go hungry. It's not a big deal. Many people who exercise do that. Though, there are also many people I know who *must* eat a banana or apple or other small thing before working out. So, I guess it's a preference.

    :-) Marion