Friday, August 17, 2012

Back on Track = Back to Results and a New App

This week I recommitted to fitness with a lot of encouragement from Chris.  I have put fitness as a priority in my day by cycling or swimming for at least 20 minutes.  As a result I have lost 1.5 lbs already this week and am on track to lose 2 lbs a week through healthy diet and exercise.  It's no surprise that putting in the effort has given me results.

Other exciting news!  My brother introduced me to an app for my phone called My Fitness Pal.  I have never enjoyed tracking calories because it is too much of a pain to look everything up online only to find that what I ate is not there exactly or that I need to tally each ingredient separately.  Then this app was born.  I can scan the bar code of any packaged food I eat to get the exact calories and nutritional information per proper serving size.  The searchable database also is member generated and includes complete homemade meals tallied up, favourite dine-out meals/treats, and saves my common foods and common meals for easy access.  It is beyond easy to use.  It also tells you your recommended calorie intake per day based on your stats and goals and fluctuates that amount as you track your calories burned through fitness.  I can also view my friends food and exercise diaries.  It is available for phone or computer and did I mention it is FREE!

I have also made a decision about the gym and will be getting a membership for the YMCA.  It is a better fit for my fitness interests and goals as I can swim any time and like the equipment room.  They even offer adult swim classes to improve your stroke technique and a swim to fit class to learn how to burn the most calories in the pool.  I may even join the pick up underwater hockey team.  Yes, we Canadians play hockey on every playing surface possible (even if it includes mask, snorkel, flippers, a mini stick, and a weighted puck).


  1. Hi Amber! I go to the Y too. Love it that Chris motivates you. My husband and I were at a dinner party last night. Someone asked if he "supported" me for fitness. He said, "not really, but I'm not against it." I've decided that it's okay that he's not really interested, because it's better than someone bossing me around about it. But good support is a great thing for you.

    :-) Marion

  2. I absolutely love My Fitness Pal. Not only does it help me more accurately track what I'm eating, but it also makes me more aware of what kinds of foods I'm eating. Great job on the loss!