Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Great Gym Membership Debate

I'm on a roll.  I did a workout for the second day in a row!  I went to the gym and swam 25 laps in 25 minutes and then tread water doing scissor kicks and jumping jacks in the deep-end for another 15 minutes.  Upon leaving I asked when my membership is due to expire.  Looks like Chris and I need new memberships starting Sept. 6th.

Now the debate...I don't know where I will be teaching yet this fall so I don't know where I should get my membership.  I was debating not getting one as I am mostly exercising from home, but come winter I will need an indoor location anyway.  There are three "good" gyms in our area.

The Wellness Centre where we currently attend is most likely going to be on my way home from work and is located in the city where I will often spend a few nights a week working, going to darts, or hanging with friends.  It will cost us over $924 for the year ($77 month) for a couple's membership or $531 for just Chris ($44 month) because he really likes it.  It has a great workout space, a swimming pool (limited swim times), therapy pool, waterslide, great classes free to members, and an awesome trainer named Jodi V.

The YMCA is in the city, but will be out of my way by a few minutes.  It also has a pool, but has lane swimming available at all times, a hot tub, squash courts if I become so inclined, and better workout machines (namely because they have individual tvs on them that you can plug headphones into directly.  It also offers classes, but I'm not familiar with them or the weight area.  Membership is more at $83 per couple or $48 single per month.

Goodlife Fitness is 7km from my house and I would have to pass it on my way home regardless of which school I teach at (with a few exceptions).  It does not have a pool and I still need to tour the workout space to see what is available.  It also offers classes, but I'm not sure if they are free.  I used to belong to the women's only gym downtown which I really liked, but it costs more per month to have the option to go to both gyms.   The gym is also open 24 hours a day during the week and open 7-6 on weekends.  It costs $30 per person per month for a membership.

Time for some decision making.  I wish gyms weren't so expensive.  What do memberships in your area cost?


  1. I have heard bad things about Goodlife if you decide to change, that they use a lot of pressure tactics to keep you.

    I am a Y member and I really like it, but I go in the morning (when I am working) and I know it is super busy in the evenings. The classes are free and some are pretty busy. The pool is also fairly busy depending on what time you want to use it. There are two weight area's one for "beginners" with the basics and the full weight area with all the machines and such. Squash courts are really hard to get times for.

    I used the Wellness Centre when I went to Fleming and in comparison to the Y, I would say that they each have their positives and negatives. I wouldn't switch mainly because I love the people at the Y now and would miss them. I think the Wellness Centre has better Classes or at least more.

  2. I have been a member of Planet Fitness since 2003. I pay $10/month. It is no frills but the equipment is new and the gym is clean. There are plenty of cardio machines and enough weights to go around. I never wait for equipment. There are no classes or swimming pool. Even without the extras I actually use it quite a bit especially in the winter.

    The YMCA is expensive here too, at least I think it is. They have lots of classes and a pool but our local Y is a bit run down and the equipment is older.

    1. Gyms in NYC is one of the best gyms that I have enrolled with. They have great instructors that will help you with the right way of getting in shape. Professional instructors that knows how you keep in shape the right way.