Saturday, August 18, 2012

My New Mantra: Think Healthy

Today I woke up and did my usual Saturday morning routine of sleeping in, weighing in, lounging around, getting ready for work, and getting together 3 meals and snacks from home and the grocery store to take to work for my 12 hour shift. 

These 12 hour dispatch shifts in an office by myself are brutal for my calorie intake as I get bored and want to snack so I often bring a lot of junk food.  Today I am making a change (again) with my weekend diet so I repeated to myself while I searched through the fridge and cupboards my new mantra: "think healthy, think healthy, think healthy".  I grabbed a bottle of water, some bagels and cream cheese, and one can of Coke instead of two (my one must have that I'm not willing to give up).

I went to the grocery store and said to myself again "think healthy, think healthy..." as I passed the displays of school snacks and chocolate bars.  I grabbed a chicken garden vegetable salad and low calorie dressing, a yogurt and fruit and granola cup, and a package of watermelon.  I was doing great. I thought there was no way I was going to make it through my first work day without some sort of treat so I scanned the aisles for a treat from Weight Watchers.  I passed all the tarts, and pies, and donuts and thought "not healthy, not healthy, not healthy" and kept on going.  I bought some milk to make tea and some Smart Food white cheddar popcorn.  I then avoided the chocolate bars at the cash and dashed out with my purchases before I could be tempted anymore.

That's when I pulled onto the road and proceeded to follow this vehicle for the next 15 minutes to my work...

                          "Think healthy, think healthy, think healthy".


  1. Hi Amber! Oh, what a great and funny message! Yes, "healthy" really is it. Love the Frito Lays truck photo.

    :-) Marion

  2. I must be on my 100,000th (or higher) restart but I think we're already winning if we're still at it, right?