Monday, August 6, 2012

FMM: A Little More Personal

I haven't done one of these in awhile so I thought I would today with it being a holiday.  It's always interesting to read new blogs. Visit to see the links to everyone's posts.

 A Little More Personal

1. Are you a morning person?  I am a mid-morning and evening person.  I do not like waking up to an alarm clock, I will fall asleep on the couch in the afternoon if given the chance, and get tired after 10pm.  I can go with the flow though after years working shiftwork (imagine working 11pm-7am and then going to university for classes from 9am-2pm before going to bed).

2. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?  I’m an introvert, but I fake it until I make it as an extrovert when necessary (like when I’m teaching).

3. Are you addicted to anything? If so, what?  I wouldn’t say I’m addicted to anything, but I would miss chocolate and coca-cola if I couldn’t have it.

4. How many times have you been in love?  I fall in love with everybody – I just see the good in everyone.  Maybe it is the fact that I work with young children who are constantly telling me “I love you Mrs. Barnes” that has me telling others I love them too.  But for the sake of answering the question I will answer 2 times to cover the two people I loved so much I thought I would marry them (one of them being Mr. Barnes).

5. What is your position on politics?  They are boring.  I vote with my heart and my head – so far that has been NDP.

6. Are you religious?  I believe in God.  I went to church every week as a child and young teen so I have a strong Anglican background.  As I grew up I became more spiritual and less about following the full beliefs of any one church.  I guess now I pick and choose the parts I like and those parts always come back to accepting others, treating everyone kindly, and a belief that we have a purpose on earth and a place in a Heaven.  When I have children I will likely return to church though to provide my children with the same beliefs and background.

7. Would you prefer backpacking or a luxury hotel?  Hands down luxury hotel.  I like to go do stuff, but I like to be comfortable.  Sometimes I splurge on the luxury hotel, but usually I find something mid-range as I would rather spend my money on experiences than a place to sleep.

8. Do you have/want pets?  I have one cat and will likely get another.  We will never own a dog.

9. Are you a sports fan?  No.  I don’t like to watch them or play them, but I do partake in both on occasion.  I was so happy when my husband’s hockey team did poorly last year because it meant he was not in front of the tv three nights a week watching the game for hours.

10. How often do you brush your teeth?  Usually once.  Sometimes more, sometimes less (if I’m rushed and forget)

11. Do you have tattoos and/or piercings?  I have one hole in each earlobe that I occasionally wear dangly earrings in (I used to have a collection of hundreds).  I used to have two holes in each earlobe, but I let them close.  I have one tattoo above my right ankle of a unicorn in black ink.  I would get another tattoo, but I haven’t found anything I can live with the rest of my life or a spot I would like it on.  I may eventually get something on my wrist.  

12. What’s your favorite clothing brand?  I don’t have one.  I usually wear stuff from the MXM collection, but I have a policy that every time I buy clothes I try on at least one thing that is out of character for me to wear.  Sometimes I end up buying it because it surprises me how good it looks.

13. Should a man open doors for a woman? I don’t think a man SHOULD open doors for a woman the way I think that a man SHOULD put the toilet seat down (speaking to you Chris).  But it makes me happy when a man does open a door for me.  Ie. this morning I was leaving a store and a man held the door open to let me out before he came in – instant smile on my face and a “thank you” for him.  It makes me feel girly and it makes me think that you are a kind gentleman – why wouldn’t you want to open a door for a lady if you can when you get that kind of response?

14. Which season is your favorite?  Fall is my favourite because I love the warm breezes and colourful leaves.  Spring is second only because it rains more.  I hate the heat and the cold and the temperature I hate the most depends on which season we are currently in.

15. Would you rather eat less or workout more?  Why do I have to pick one?  I really don’t like either.

16. What’s your idea of romance?  Apparently I need to express this out loud more because my husband’s response was “whatever my wife thinks it is” which would explain why I don’t think he is romantic very often.  Romance is showing me that you love me and why.  Romance is opening doors, surprising me with flowers/love notes/gifts just because, telling me you love me, giving me hugs and kisses, planning a date where I don’t have to make any decisions, cuddling with me, giving me a massage, or doing anything that would make you feel good and loved if I were to do it to/for you.

17. How often do you do things that are outside of your comfort zone?  All the time.  I am a teacher.  Doing things outside of my comfort zone is a part of my daily job – singing songs in front of people, dressing up, playing pretend, speaking to large groups of people, holding creepy crawly things and acting excited about it, and more.

18. Christmas or Halloween?  Christmas all the way.  I have boxes and boxes of decorations.  I love the music.  I love visiting family.  I love buying, wrapping, and opening presents.  I love baking.  I love turkey dinners.  I do not like having a birthday so close to Christmas though and I do not like that I have worked Christmas and its surrounding holiday days for the last seven years.

19. Would you rather live in the country or the city?  Country all the way.  I like the small town feel of knowing your neighbours, playing safely on the street, running through each other’s yards because there are no fences, the trees, the stars, the smell of fields, the sight and sound of animals, the bodies of water, and the short walk into a small downtown of unique shops.

20. Share your life philosophy.  With effort on my part if it is meant to be it will happen and if it is not meant to be it won’t, but that’s because something better will replace it.


  1. You have to pretend to like creepy crawlies!?!?!?!
    Up until this moment, my life's dream was to become a teacher. *lol*
    Have a wonderful Monday!

    1. Hi Charley,
      Thanks for stopping in. I have learned to love some creepy crawlies and others I have learned to say "That's cool! Why don't you go show your friends. I'm sure they would like to touch it." I wouldn't trade my teaching career for anything.

    2. I so enjoyed reading these. My friends think I am nuts since the Hubs is super romantic and I am so not. He loves being all kisses, hugs, massages, holding hands and then he looks at me and laughs saying: "you are just counting the seconds until I let you go, aren't you" LOL

  2. Stopped by from FMM. I'm a autumn girl as well, and love your response on the less food/more exercise quandry. :)

  3. Im all about luxury too. I liked your FMM. Mine is up at

  4. very cool! I love your answers about hard to find others that GET it.

  5. I always smile & say thank you when someone holds the door for me and I will hold the door for someone else without a second thought. I even got my daughter to run across a parking lot and open the door for an elderly man using a walker. It's one of the few things she won't argue with me about.

    Stopping in from FMM - hi!

    Lisa, the Life of Lisa

  6. Stopping in from FMM....I loved reading your blog

  7. It is hard to find others who understand working nights and staying up most of the day. I has worked 11-7 for the last 6 years. My days are spent caring for my son. Bedtime is around 4:30pm when I work back to back shifts. Somehow I do fine but I'm not sure I could do it forever.

    Your words about religion ring true for me too. I love how you answered the question.

    I am teaching my son to open doors for others. He loves doing it and sometimes holds the door for minutes at a time letting lots of people go. He gets a huge smile on his face when people comment on what a gentleman he is.

    I can hear in your words how much you love your job. Your students and school are lucky to have you there.