Monday, August 6, 2012

Goal Update

I was right back in January suspecting that I would forget all about my fitness goals for the year.  Reading many new blogs today I have been reminded of them so I will review them and then revamp them to make them more manageable.

My list:
1) re-learn how to swim laps properly in the pool, swim laps for 30 continuous minutes 25 times.
2) lose 25+ lbs
3) lose 5%+ body fat
4) run the 5km Warrior Dash or Mudnewton (watched it and considered partaking)
5) learn a dance routine
6) go to the gym at least twice a week for one whole month
7) go to the gym at least three times a week for one whole month
8) do not allow more than one week to go by without a workout
9) lose 1+ dress size
10) blog weekly (close, but not quite)
11) weigh-in weekly
(close, but not quite)
12) meet with Jodi (my trainer) once a month
13) workout with Chris once a month
14) go for a walk once a week
15) cook 12 new recipes
(some, but not all)
16) drink 5 or less cans of pop a week
17) track my calorie intake for 3 consecutive days on 4 separate occasions
18) try something new and sporty
19) walk 10km with a friend
20) do 50 girl pushups without stopping
(tried, but not there yet)
21) post Yoga pictures
22) improve flexibility, definitely to be able to touch toes, but aim to do the splits
23) lose 5 inches off my waist
24) bike to Lakefield and back

25) wall sit for 2 minutes (tried, but not there yet)
26) hold a plank for 2 minutes (tried, but not there yet)
27) meet and make friends with one new person from the gym
28) go canoeing and don't fall out of the canoe

Revamped goals
1) Lose 25lbs
2) Exercise 3 times a week regularly
3) Reduce pop intake
4) Reduce calorie intake
5) post Yoga photos
6) run 1 mile without walking
7) bike to the end of the trail near my house and back without walking up hills


  1. I like those goals, now get out there and meet them! :)

  2. I love that you set goals and are diligent enough to revisit them! And you have a ton of awesome goals. I can't wait to see your yoga photos!

    1. P.S. Just noticed your color (I lived in Canada for 4 years so I think about adding the "U" to color or favorite but I'm resisting the urge!!) coded postings -- LOVE!

  3. Good for you for circling back around to your goals. That is definitely something I need to do more often. I set all of these goals for 2012 and have forgotten a lot of them already!

  4. I like these goals too. I've gotten to the point of making my goals much simpler too. Some of mine are easy, but I just don't feel like doing them--like, today, I need to prioritize 5 minutes for pushups. That doesn't seem hard, but I've often ignored it before. Today is a new day! :D

    :-) Marion

  5. Try something new and sporty? Please allow me to promote Taekwondo at you mercilessly!