Thursday, August 23, 2012

Well Wonders Never Cease

"Well wonders never cease" was an expression my grandmother often used and it seems fitting for my life this week.

  • I worked out almost every day this past week including several late night workouts in order to get them in (because I actually wanted to) and that has left me a little tired today.
  • I lost almost 5lbs this week alone.
  • I've eaten fairly healthy all week, with a Dairy Queen blizzard dinner exception, but I lost the weight by morning.
  • I researched active things for Chris and I to take up together.
  • I scored a free one week pass to the YMCA finally and swam laps in their pool.  I can do a 25 metre lap in 40 seconds currently.  I also increased my number of laps.
  • I applied for and was offered an interview for a full-time teaching job for...wait for it...phys. ed. teacher for kindergarten to grade 3!  I couldn't believe it either.  I almost did not apply as I lacked the confidence (not looking like a typical gym teacher), but I thought why not - it's my focus right now in my own life so I can be a role model.  I brought my enthusiasm and a few new ideas to the table today at my interview and will wait until Monday to hear back.  The thought of teaching 25 gym periods (250 minutes a day for 5 days a week) has me tired, but pumped at the same time.
So wonders never cease.  I may get that Biggest Loser fitness camp experience I've always wanted by partnering my career with my own needs.  Maybe I'll learn to love the school gym instead of the fitness gym I set out to at the start of my blogging journey and inspire a group of 300 students along the way.


  1. Amazing! Wanna share some of that good juju you've seemingly mastered? I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

  2. That's great!! Good luck with the interview!

  3. I am loving your attitude! All wonderful, exciting news. Best of luck with the job. It sounds like a great opportunity both professionally and personally. Have a wonderful weekend!!

  4. Just found your great blog! Good luck on the interview! Keep up your good work in your transformation into a new you! It's wonderful reading everyone's adventure in getting in shape.

  5. Thanks everyone for the wishes of good luck. I did not get the job. I think they are bringing back someone that covered it last year which makes sense. But, it might work in my favour as my old school is planning to open an SK/1 classroom that I am eligible for if it posts out tomorrow.