Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day 1 of 20: Full of Surprises

I went to the gym after work today.  I had a plan.  Do 10 minutes on the bike then a series of weight machines, 10 minutes on the bike, more weights, and repeat once more.  I alloted myself just over an hour at the gym. 

I was starving after work as my lunch 20 minutes seemed to disappear far too fast and I ate half my apple (my after work snack) just to get something else in me at lunch.  This meant I was tempted to stop for a treat on the way to the gym.  Instead I texted Chris to have dinner on the table for 5:30 and I convinced myself that all I really needed was a glass of water.  Turns out I was right - I was thirsty and not hungry.

At the gym I did my 10 minutes on the bike (3 miles) and worked up a sweat.  I got my heart rate going (although it no longer hits the 170s like it used to thankfully).  I started the weight machine circuit with legs as they were the closest and therefore most logical machines to tackle.  I did 6 machines doing 2 sets of 15 reps on each.  I logged my current weights on my chart with a blue pen that exploded in my hands (note to self: check my pant's pockets for pens before washing next time), cleaned up, and got back on the bike. 

I looked at the clock and an hour had already passed since I thought I arrived at the gym.  Impossible!  I was not killing time, but somehow time just slipped away from me.  I must have taken longer in the changeroom, gathering my things, and cleaning off machines (I like them really clean).  I was happy that the gym did not seem like work.  I could have easily stayed another hour, but I didn't want to spend my night that way.  I did another 10 minutes on the bike then charted the other weight machines for better planning for next time.

I think I will run and do arms tomorrow.  But, who knows I might change my mind and try something else so we will have to see.

On my way out I ran into my grade 12 math teacher and her daughter.  This is a woman that I really connected with and later ran a Sparks unit with for a few years.  She was bigger than me when I knew her.  I almost didn't recognize her she was so tiny and looked younger than she did when I knew her.  It was nice to see that someone else who put in the hard work achieved what I want to achieve.  Hopefully we run into each other again.  There are actually quite a few teachers I know that workout at my new gym.  It's nice to see the friendly faces when I looked up from a workout with sweat dripping off me.

I also ate a bowl of homemade blueberry crumble after dinner and still made it in under my calories for the day before adding in calories burned from my workout.  When I'm busy I don't eat as much.  Clearly I don't need to eat as much either.  I eat from boredom and apparently sometimes I eat because I'm thirsty and just don't know it.

End result of today:  I am super sore.  I think it is more from the fact that I was tired of sitting on a chair at work for three 12 hour shifts this weekend so I did a bunch of squats and lunges at work.  My sitting down muscles ache and Chris tried to give me a backrub, but it was painful.

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  1. Hi Amber! There is a lot in this post.

    One thing I realized last year is that hunger isn't that bad. (It's not the same as cravings, which are terrible!) Hunger is just a little gnaw in the stomach that tells you that you're tough. :D I don't eat every time I'm hungry. It doesn't bother me that much. I do drink water, tea, etc... all day long.

    Friends at the gym are so fun. Most of my gym buddies do not work out with me, but at just people who work out beside me, doing their own workout, or the friends I talk to mainly in the women's locker room. I really enjoy seeing these people. Like you, I have a husband that everyone likes. But in the women's locker room, many of my friends don't even know my family or my husband. They just like *me!!!* It's a great thing to be liked and enjoyed just for yourself. The more gym friends that you have of your own (that are not Chris's) the more you will understand what I'm saying. It's great to have a little loyalty going just to you.

    You are doing excellently. Soreness is your body telling you that it's changing dramatically. And you want this change, so welcome it.

    :-) Marion