Saturday, February 23, 2013

Week One: Am I Happy Yet?

Week one of my 20 day fitness challenge is officially over.  How did I do?

Tuesday: 10 minute cycle, weight training - legs, 10 minute cycle
Wednesday: 10 minute running sprints, weight training - arms, 10 minute running intervals
Thursday: 10km cycle, weight training - core, 10 minute elliptical
Saturday (a day late, but got it in): 475m swim

Calories (1730 calorie food intake goal)

Under: 3 days
Over: 2 days
Not logged: 2 days

Down 1.3lbs

Body Image
New haircut and highlights (a 3.5 hour process that boggles my husband's mind I could spend that much time in a salon)
New clothes (tops are surprisingly one size smaller than I normally buy)
New workout pants (yes, I've actually worn out a pair for the first time ever!)

Very inspired by the blog world
Excited to meet new and old gym friends this week
Connecting more with my hubby
Investigating tips suggested by friends
No longer sore the next day from workouts
Slightly hungry
Difficulty getting to sleep/waking up early - my body wants to move and my brain wants to think
Eager to see what this week brings

Fun Fact
In my research this week of triathlons for beginners I discovered the best and fastest triathletes pee while cycling and running!  Super gross!

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  1. Wow, Amber! Awesome! Love how the sizes are going smaller so fast. But love much more(!) how happy you sound.

    :-) Marion