Tuesday, February 12, 2013

You're Being Ridiculous!

I had plans to go to the gym yesterday.  I didn't go because I drove the placement student home and it didn't make sense to backtrack through town.  Reality is I still could have gone to the gym, but I'm willing to go with whatever excuse is available to me.  I did, however, think ahead and figure out how I could still fit in my three workouts this week.

That brings us to today.  I was supposed to be done work at 2pm, go to the gym, then be home just in time to pick up my husband from taking his car to the shop, and then he would go to the gym while I made dinner.  Sadly, I had a staff meeting after work I forgot about.  No problem, I decided I would just do the extra driving and go to the gym after dropping Chris off at his gym.  Problem - Chris took half the day off and already went to the gym.  My reasoning - no sense in driving all the way back into town after I just drove past the gym.  Chris' reasoning - I planned to go so I should go anyway.  Reality - I was annoyed that my gym plans had been changed twice in one day and it is hard enough for me to desire to go to the gym.

We argued about my reasoning and his.  Chris told me "you're being ridiculous" after he offered to go to the gym for a second time and pay the extra money to go to my gym with me.  I was stubbron and refused.  Then I thought about it.  I was going to go.  I did want to go.  I had been excited about going all day.  Why did two changes of plans throw me off?  Wouldn't it be nice to go to the gym with my hubby (something we don't do anymore now that we are at different gyms)?  Didn't Marion say in her blog Affection for Fitness that it is all about mindset?  Wasn't I committed to changing mine?  Didn't Marion write about seeking help from fitness people you aspire to be like?  Yes she did.  Isn't Chris a helpful resource?  Yes he is.

So I admitted to my ridiculousness and told Chris I wanted him to watch me workout and give me tips because I wasn't sure what I needed to do next to improve.  So my loving husband after already spending an hour running and cycling at the gym came to run another half hour on the treadmill beside me.  The karma Gods were in our favour as we arrived to find all the treadmills in use.  I was just signing up for a timeslot on the whiteboard as Chris complained how silly this process was when two treadmills, beside each other even, became free.  We hopped on and away we went.

I normally walk at 3.5mph and run at 4.5 to 5mph.  This is really more of a jog that is jostling because of the slow speed.  A speed which is truly only slightly faster than I can speed walk.  Chris suggested I try sprints.  I ran 30-45 seconds at 6 to 6.5mph then walked at 3mph for 30-60 seconds.  Sometimes I pushed myself to run longer or faster or walk faster and I ended with a new record time of 26 minutes 20 seconds for my 3km run.  I'm approaching try-a-tri times and I even walked for half my run!  Looks like this is more and more doable every day.  Glad I went.  No more being ridiculous.  Gym on Thursday...

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  1. Hi Amber! You and Chris just make me smile. Grin, actually. :D You are very fortunate to have Chris. What an awesome workout friend/husband.

    But what I hear in this post is something else that is important. You are listening more intently to *yourself.* You're following your thought patterns and problem-solving. When you did that, you ended up with a great result.

    You are a very logical person, Amber. If you keep thinking it all out and problem-solving and have good attitude--as well as you do in your other areas of life--you'll raise this area of your life up to the level of your other standards in life. You wrote that as a comment on my blog--and that is extremely insightful. I think people are happiest when they are living up to their own standards. You have high standards. :D

    :-) Marion