Friday, February 22, 2013

Grumble, Grumble, Goes My Tummy

I have started entering my calories into MyFitnessPal again.  I don't find that I'm eating any less than I did when I wasn't actively counting calories, but something about the process makes me feel like I'm being deprived.  I have not heard my stomach grumble so many times in day until I decided to stick close to my 1700 calories a day.  Surprisingly I don't actually feel hungry throughout the day, but that hour before bed is killer.  I never used to eat anything after dinner and now I'm searching the house late at night for something to stop the noise and somersaults in my tummy.  I need to come up with a plan for this so I'm not waking up throughout the night craving breakfast.

Working Out
This week of committment to the gym has gone well.  Every day has been a struggle to get motivated to go to the gym, but I just tell myself that I'm going anyway.  It is still a consious decision to go rather than a desire.  Going right from work is the best choice for me and I have had to turn down a lot of things I would like to be doing or things that make more sense to do first just to go to the gym.  I have also been spending more time at the gym than I thought I would when I do go.  I even finished my workout yesterday and decided it just wasn't enough for me so I hopped on the elliptical for 10 minutes to finish off my day.  I'm excited to see the scale tomorrow morning to see how effective my workouts have been this week weight-wise.  Health-wise and attitude-wise they are already beneficial.

My goals:
Attend the gym 5 days a week (this week is 4 because of the holiday I worked)
Aim to eat 1700 calories a day
Aim to burn 500 calories a day at the gym
Balance my workouts to include running, cycling, arm weights, and leg weights
Bonus: Swim, elliptical, stretching (yoga), and weekend at work movement breaks


  1. Hey Amber,

    I don't know what your water intake is like and I know as a teacher it is hard because we don't always have the convenience of running the washroom, but, I have been consciously trying to drink 3 liters of water each day for the last month coupled with eating well (I cut out dairy and limited complex carbs (bread, pasta and rice) and exercising and it has allowed me to drop 10 pounds without worrying about calories. I eat pistachio's before bed some nights when I need a fix and it hasn't impacted my loss what so ever and I have on occasion eaten at least a cup of them. I should mention I was also doing 2-30 min personal training sessions a week. But I do believe the water and change in diet has helped.

    If you are interested, I am starting a 15 day fitness challenge with Alli Ross and she is an amazing trainer that has taught me so much, her facebook page is very inspiring in itself (alliRosstrainer) She emails a daily exercise or food challenge with video's for the exercise and provides feedback and answers questions. It is 20$ but well worth the motivation!

    1. Thanks for the info. I'm trying really hard to drink more water throughout the day as well. I've noticed that a lot of the time I feel hungry I'm actually thirsty instead. Pistachios sound like a great idea. I was doing that around Christmas but haven't bought any since. I'll look into the Alli Ross thing, but not sure if I will join up yet.

  2. Hi Amber! Wonderful! I also eat about 1500 to 1800 calories per day, so if you keep at that calorie level for a very long time (meaning --permanently) and keep exercising, you should end up about size 10? That's my size.

    Regarding being hungry: I have a bunch of tricks for that. Mostly, avoid carbs. I don't eat carbs until late into the day because they cause so many cravings. Liquids, such as a huge mug of hot tea, have filled my tummy in a happy way. And yes, I eat most of my food in a smaller segment of my day, so it feels like much more. See my Exhausted From Trying to Lose Weight post about that. All details are there!

    You are going to like the gym better after you get in a little bit better shape. At first, you have about 2 months of pain and agony, but if you stick it out, you end up leaping the chasm to the fit side of the Grand Canyon. Everything gets much easier, like Chris and I experience. You will greatly enjoy exercise, when you never get sore anymore.

    I think I've figured out why I'm such a match as a mentor for you. I'm sort of like Chris in being a fitness freak only a woman version, but I'm also a great deal like you too. In fact, you remind me of myself at the beginning of my own fitness journey, in so many ways. How strange, but it works.

    You are *exactly* on track with great attitude.

    :-) Marion