Friday, February 22, 2013

The Inspiration Bug

Inspiring Blogger Award

My husband nominated me for another blog award.  I appreciate his support and interest in my blogging and his confidence that I will post items of inspiration.  I do not understand why inspiring blogger awards and the like require you to post random facts about yourself.  To me it make more sense to post things that inspire you because that connects better to the award name and purpose - to inspire others.  So I am officially changing the purpose of this award before I pass it on to others.

Things that Inspire Me

1) Great Workout Music
Yesterday I took my ipod to the gym because lately I haven't been able to get a bike with a tv on it that will distract me from the tired I feel while spinning and staring at the wall.  I was enjoying my tunes, but then a song came on that changed my pace, my interest in cycling, and my general happiness.  It was "Young Homie" by Chris Rene.  A song I like, but didn't realize would be a song that would pump up my workout.  I was so impressed at the change in my behaviour it created that I hit repeat just to keep the feeling going.  I love when I find music that gets me moving.  "Black Horse and a Cherry Tree" by Katy Tunstell is another one.

2) Other Blogs
I read blogs to see what else is out there.  I have never been interested much in fitness things so I read to get exposed to things I would never have considered trying otherwise.  I read blogs to get more informed even if it is about something I don't desire to try.  ie. Last weekend I watched a bunch of Tough Mudder videos and training workout videos for the race even though I do not want to do this race ever.  It was interesting.  Sometimes I get my inspiration from the blog right away - like "hey, I'm going to go try that right now", sometimes it floats around in my brain for a long time and then I pull it together with more floaty bits to make something that works for me, and other times I read and think "oh, God, I hope I don't sound like that or make those choices - I better watch myself and get back on track".  It really varies depending on my mood, but I always take something from it.  This is precisely why I participated in a Bachelor of Education application reading day yesterday.  I read 40 applications to the teaching program because people who desperately want to be teachers make me grateful to be one and inspire me to be a better teacher.  I even left with a few new ideas to implement into my own classes.

3) Photographs
I love looking at people's progress pictures.  It shows me that it is possible to lose a lot of weight.  It shows me that it takes a lot of time to achieve that goal.  Photographs of myself from the past also remind me that I once was fit even though I was unhappy with my body then.  Photographs of me now remind me that I am not the size 12 my brain sometimes thinks I am.  Photographs give me something to work towards.  They show me the body type I find attractive.  When Chris started working out he told his trainer he wanted to look like Batman, not The Hulk at the end of this progress.  I want to look slimmer, but curvy, and feminine, and soft at the end of this process, not athletic and buff.  I want to look like these women...

Sara Ramirez

Tara Lynn
4) Yummy Food
When I see healthy food laid out, all prepared, and fresh it makes me want to eat it.  Delicious and nutrition food always looks more appealing to me than junk food.  I eat junk food because my tastebuds like it and it is convenient.  When presented with fresh fruit and veggies I will load my plate up with that before choosing anything else because deep down I truly enjoy it more.  New recipes for foods I already love make me want to cook and eat better too.

5) Cool Activities
I loved skiing when I was younger.  I think I would die of exhaustian and sore ankles and legs if I tried it now.  I need to be in better shape to do a sport like this.  I love playing volleyball.  There is a drop in league near my house for women, but I'm too shy to go until I know I won't leave pools of sweat around me.  It is intimidating to workout with people that are in shape.  This is why when I'm at the gym I try to pick a machine that is between someone who is in crazy good shape an someone who is also on the journey with me.  Then I can feel like I belong, but aspire to be better.  I love being on the water.  I attended a university for 5 years that has one of the best rowing teams in Ontario and hosts a huge race every year.  I never tried out for the team because on top of not knowing how to row, I didn't look like a rower, nor did I have the stamina of a rower.  This is the same reason why I didn't join the fencing team.  I wish I had taken those risks.  When I no longer work weekends I will seriously look into joining a Dragonboat team.

What inspires you?

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  1. Hi Amber! I think Sara Ramirez is wonderful too. I don't think I know a single person who doesn't think she is the hottest woman character on Grey's Anatomy.

    I don't think anyone else would care about your sweat, Amber. You better do the things in your life that you really want to do. If people are happy about it, good. If they aren't, who cares?!

    :-) Marion