Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's Been A Long Time

September 8, 2011.

I went to the gym today after a long time away from it. Time seemed to pass by without my knowing it because I thought I had missed one week at the gym, but my workout tracking sheet does not lie and I have missed two weeks. Brutal. I paid for it too at the gym today.

I was concerned because over the last few days I have been losing weight. I'm at my lowest weight yet and I haven't been to the gym and I have been eating lots of sweet foods. I thought I must be losing muscle mass, but Chris doesn't seem to think so. I went back to the gym today to get back with my program and see where I lapsed.

I hopped on the stairmill and did a straight 3 minutes at 65 steps/min which is better than I have ever done. Bad news is I pushed myself so much I never recovered from it and couldn't convince myself to hop back on the stairmill as my heart felt like it was exploding out of my chest. I very much like the rest of my workout routine right now and I increased my weights and matched my scores for reps and sets so my muscles were actually doing better. I figured at this point it is the stairmill that is keeping me from the gym. I just out and out hate that machine. It is exhausting and hard and boring. I preferred running on the treadmill.

As I did my abs and stretch out I resolved that I was going to book another session with Jodi to change up my workout just so I will continue going to the gym. It didn't help either that the gym was super busy with students returning to the college and trying out their free gym passes and the fact that I just paid $900 for Chris and I to have a one year membership to this gym. Working out is pricey.

Back to the gym tomorrow to see how things are looking up.

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