Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Teaching Health and Phys. Ed.

September 14, 2011.

I'm a teacher and as such I teach a variety of subjects. The most mind-boggling one to me though is health and physical education. Growing up we had an assigned teacher that taught this to all classes. She was fit and energetic and intimidating. This year the grade twos at one school get me - soft, slow-moving, and friendly. I am trying to lead by example which has me showing up sweaty to the staff room for lunch with looks of "did you really just run around the field playing soccer with the students"? And my answer is yes. I think it is important to show the students that I am trying to be healthy too.

Today I was working on my health class plans though and remembered my frustration with the Canada's Food Guide. Nobody eats like that. I would never be able to eat as much food as it recommends to get all my servings in. Yet, next week I need to teach my students to do exactly that. I have planned part of my lesson to be a photo slideshow of my meals and snacks for the week. We will be discussing is it healthy or not? and if not, how can you make it healthier? Should be interesting so I might post the results here as a comparison to the Food Guide. Nothing better than doing the same assignments I give my students. I might even challenge you to do the same...more details to follow. For now, think about your own health plan and whether or not it is a good example for a 7 year old to follow. I know mine will be changing...Now off to the open house meet the teacher barbeque (where I will be serving and not eating).

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  1. I love the idea of examining my own diet and deciding whether I would teach it to a 7-year-old as an example of what to eat. Because we teach children the ideal, right? And then we slack ourselves.

    But if I'm focusing on making a plate for myself that would serve as a good example to health students, I would be applying everything I know about good eating habits without a second thought.

    You've given me a lot to think about, Amber. Thanks!