Friday, September 30, 2011

"Meet Carson: My Placement Student"

September 30, 2011.

I showed up at the gym on Wednesday ready to learn my new program that I attempted on my own last Sunday. I was excited! I was enthusiastic! I was ready to exhaust myself with a new workout routine guided by Jodi, my trainer. I even hopped on the dreaded stairmill for 1.5 minutes at 85 steps/minute for my warm-up because I arrived late to the gym and wanted to get my heart pumping. I walked over to the training desk to meet Jodi and that is when I met my biggest challenge to date. His name is Carson.

Carson apparently is Jodi's placement student. He is learning how to become a personal trainer. As a teacher, I fully embrace the practice of teaching others and it usually does not phase me the slightest to include students in whatever I am going to see an expert for (the doctor, the chiropractor, etc.) even when I am surprised with this information upon arrival. My heart stopped though at the thought of having to complete a new, difficult workout under the guidance of not one, but two trainers, especially when one of them was a male trainer. I definitely do not have my workout confidence built up enough for this yet. I sucked it up though and off we went.

Turns out Carson is a pretty cool dude. He is very quiet and respectful and encouraging. As I was sweaty and dying for breathe and unable to complete some of my tasks without stopping I did not get embarrassed for long as he was very professional and mostly acted as a gopher for the equipment we needed or just observed my form (something Jodi brags about that I get spot on most of the time). I'm meeting with Jodi (and likely Carson) again twice next week. I'm hoping it goes just as well.

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