Friday, September 30, 2011

Lower Body Day

September 30, 2011.

I've talked about my attempt at my new routine on my own and my encounter with Jodi and Carson to actually learn it. Now I should fill you in on what I actually did. I'm starting a 2-3 different workout day routines. On Wednesday I ran through the lower body circuit (see below) and this week I will learn two others. It is Friday night and my legs are still super sore, but good sore.

Using the lowest box step (and trying not to rest inbetween):
Step-ups 15 reps per leg in a row holding 15lb weights
Sit and Stands 15 reps holding 17.5lb weights
Step Lunges 15 reps per leg in a row holding 17.5lb weights
Lateral Squats (squat with one foot one step, hop over step, squat again) 20 reps

Push Throughs 20
Reverse Crunch (hold legs in air, lift butt off ground) 20
Scissors 20

Aim for 5 min with incline of 6 and resistance of 15
Chest Press on Cables 15 reps at 8
Fly Curls 15 reps at 6

Toe Touch 20
Leg Drop 20
Modified V-Sit 20

(repeat arms above)

Cybex: as above

Lateral Pull Down 15 reps at 55lbs
Straight Arms Pull Down 15 reps at 27.5lbs

Russian Twist 20
Modified Double Crunch 20
Bicycles 20

(repeat arms as above)

Cybex: as above

Curly Barbells:
Shoulder Press with a Squat 15 reps at 25lbs
Bicep Curl 15 reps at 35lbs
(2nd set of each if inclined to do so)

Stretch Out

This program will take me more than an hour to complete. I have yet to do it in full and at the end of my training session with Jodi and Carson I went home with the shakes and cold sweats again, drank some G2 upon arrival at home, tried very hard not to throw up, and passed out on the couch for 2 hours. Bringing G2 to the gym with me again next time.

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