Thursday, October 6, 2011

"We're Putting a Dimple in Your Butt"

October 6, 2011.

"We're putting a dimple in your butt." This is what Jodi, my trainer, said to me today. She gave me a third program to complete my cycle so I can do something different each day I visit the gym. It's working too! I was down 1kg today since my Saturday weigh-in!!!

My new program seemed easy today in comparison to my last two (although it's still hard and I only did it once through instead of twice as I was learning it in 30 minutes). When Jodi stopped me to tell me our 30 minutes was up I couldn't believe it. I thought we had just finished the warm-ups and figured she had added an ab break in the middle, but nope, we were done.

The comment above came from Jodi when we got on all fours on the mats and she proceded to tell me that we were going to learn some butt blasters. When she said "donkey kicks" I thought no problem I've done those before and they hurt a bit, but I can do 20 of them. Then she told me that after doing 20 of them on one leg I was going to do three more variations of this exercise on the same leg for 20 reps each. That's 80 butt blasters on one leg before I get to switch! By the time I got to switch my first butt cheek and hip flexor was so sore it was difficult just to prop myself up on it so I could swing the other one around for 80 repetitions. Chris told me my butt was less jiggly the other day so I guess this will only make it less so in the near future.

I'm also very surprised today by my recovery time. I banged out each exercise back to back with only a few stops here and there to get one deep breath and then I kept going. I didn't full out stop once.

Here's the new program...

Cardio warm up of choice.

Walking lunges down the track and back while holding 15lb weights in each hand
20 sumo squats holding 15lbs in each hand

20 (increase each time) mountain climbers on sliders (running in place while in push-up position)
20 (increase each time) soldiers on sliders (in push up position split legs open then closed)

20 wall squats using a big ball behind my back while holding an 8lb medicine ball, squat as low as you can go (trying to work on getting me to go lower)
20 hamstring curls using the big ball under my feet to roll my feet into my butt while my pelvis is lifted

Butt blasters... (20 per leg of each, then switch to second leg) - kneel on all fours
Donkey kicks - with knee bent kick foot up towards the ceiling
Straight leg kicks - keep leg straight and raise it towards the ceiling
Fire hydrants - lift bent leg as if to pee on a fire hydrant like a dog
Knee to shoulder - in fire hydrant position bring knee up to same shoulder instead of up towards ceiling

One leg press 40lbs 15 presses with one foot only in middle of plate, then switch to other leg
Sumo press 90lbs 15 presses with toes pointed out to corners of plate
Straight press 90lbs 15 presses with toes pointed forwards

Ab crunch machine - 50lbs+ ??? do a full controlled extension arching back then forward making sure to contract abs to move machine and not use arms to pull down on weights do as many as you can for 15 seconds, take 10 second break, repeat 2 more times
Obliques crunch machine - 50lbs twist to right for 20, then twist to left for 20
Back extension machine - 50lbs 20 controlled extensions



  1. Hi Amber! I read all of the details above and it looks like you are doing very well with your workouts. Keep it up!

    :-) Marion

  2. Thanks Marion for the positive reinformcement. I've been reading through your blog as well and am quite impressed by what you have accomplished. Best of luck on your 30 day challenge!