Sunday, October 2, 2011

Today I Rock!

October 2, 2011.

I was very toasty covered with two duvets in bed this morning so it was difficult to get myself going this morning, but I was determined to conquer my new workout routine from start to finish with no shortcuts. This was no small feat as you will see by looking at my earlier blog that breaks it down because it is a lower body intensive circuit that keeps my heart pumping and my muscles contracted. It also took 1.5 hours to complete which is 30 more minutes of workout time then I've ever dedicated before. Trust me - I was ready to walk away on more than one occasion, but just as I considered it I moved onto the next station and felt like the change could keep me going.

I rock because I finished the whole circuit start to finish without skipping any steps, shortening my reps, lowering my weights, or tapping out of my cardio with less time. It wasn't that bad, but my legs are a little weak so I'm glad to be getting a different program tomorrow to alternate with this one. Hopefully it will be shorter. I made lots of improvements though in addition to completely my program in full as it was intended because I also increased my weights.

Now...the only way to make today better will be a drop in weight tomorrow on the scale.


  1. Congratulations on your success. I need to look into this circuit training stuff!

  2. Mandy, You should definitely look into the circuit training (even if you create it for yourself at home). It keeps your heart rate up and your interest level high as you don't get bored with the repetition of one exercise. You could do it just by breaking up your cardio videos by pausing every 5 minutes to do a set of squats and lunges, then the next time some push ups, then the next time some abs. It will make a difference to have to jump start your heart each time you re-enter the cardio workout and you will burn more doing your strength training with the accelerated heart rate.