Wednesday, June 15, 2011


June 9, 2011.

I had my assessment today with Chris' and now my awesome trainer Jodi V. I've never been one to care much about numbers and weights, but I was dreading this appointment. As confident as I am I still have my moments where the idea of getting weighed and having my skinfolds measured by a pretty and athletic girl even makes me cringe.

It turned out to not be bad at all thanks to Jodi's awesomeness. She chatted with me the whole time about everything unrelated to the gym, showed me her measurements at the end, did not make any comments about the numbers, just stated that in two months time if I put in the effort I should see the following changes:
- lower measurements for my waist, arms, and thighs
- a goal of a 5% drop in body fat
- and the potential to have to shop for more clothes (which is more of a motivator for me than seeing my weight drop)
She also stated that I have really tight skin which is apparently a rare thing for girls, but a good thing to have when you are losing weight or when you get pregnant (less stretch marks).

Day one of the gym - not loving it, but not hating it either, super excited for training day

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